Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dear Bryn

Dear Bryn,

We had the honor of having you stay with us 2 weeks ago, and it was SO much fun having you here! You make everything an absolute joy, and are just such a blast. I'm ready to let you just move in with us, so that I never have to miss you. Your Uncle Anthony would just have to learn very quickly that toddlers make messes. :-)  (You'll have to get used to it someday, babe..)

Being that it is the middle of July, 2013, that makes you two and half. You are about to embark on a huge event, and that is being a flower girl for the first time. I can't think of a better time for you to be a part of a wedding, since you are so into dresses, being fancy, and all things beautiful and special- just like you. I feel so honored to have you be such a big part of our day. You will add so much to it, just by being you.

Two is a great age! You get funnier, and funnier, everytime I see you; and you always have new things to say that both amaze me, and make me laugh.

A few cute things lately, that I don't want any of us to forget:

*You call me Aunt Suli, and I hope it sticks. It's very cute. Your Aunt Suli made sure that you took very luxurious, and glamorous bubble baths during your visit. Think tons of bubbles, and time to splash and play for as long as you wanted. You quickly grew fond of this, which means your dad was quickly cursing me :-)

*We think you call Anthony, "Andy" or just "huh" which I've interpreted as "hunk" naturally

*Speaking of, you and Uncle Hunk/Andy/Whatever played golf in our yard, and you are a natural. I'm sure your Mammie will be buying you clubs in no time

*You have been on a Cinderella kick, AKA Salella. You also like Toy Story, as far as movies. Toy Story is known as Buzz

*Your Mommy made sure that you were a huge help to her, in planning my shower, and you girls make quite a team! You loved helping with the cupcakes. "I make cake"

*When you don't get your way, you do the cutest walk. It's kind of a slumped shoulders/stomping away

*One afternoon while you were here, since your Mom and Dad had been working so hard to plan the party, they fell asleep on the couch. You were sitting quietly coloring, and when you looked up and saw your Mom sleeping, you walked up to her and said "Awwww, Mama. Awwww" and stroked her arm. You then got distracted by pulling your shirt up and making your belly roll in and out

*Your expression, when your Mom tried on her bridesmaids dress, was precious and priceless. Your eyes were just aglow, and you were amazed 

*You told me on the phone last week, that you had fun at the gym, then told me that you were dancing. You had been spinning/dancing at the nursery at the gym. Your parents think it's from all of the Cinderella 

*We asked you to say your full name, and you said "Bin Ah Da Done" ..close enough

I am sure I am forgetting a TON of stuff, since there is always something new and wonderful about you. Words cannot explain how much joy you have brought to all of us. Your Mom and Dad are just the best parents, and even though I knew they would be, it's so fun to see.

You are welcome to come play in my make-up anytime!

All my love, always
Aunt Suli

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Own List

Lately I have been seeing some really good lists, if you will, pop up onto blogs. These lists usually entail funny tips on raising kids (also helpful for this nanny), or "30 things to do before 30".. Ok, so here's the thing: the raising kid stuff is adorable, and will be helpful someday, just not really yet; and the "30 before 30" stuff? Well, I kind of have an issue with it. Hear me out. I don't think you should limit your fun or goals to a certain year or timeframe. I personally picture myself conquering the world (or maybe just traveling more) as an older woman. Ya know, when I have the time and money. One of those I have plenty of, one- hardly any. I'll let you guess. Also, I might just be weird on this "30 before 30" thing because I read someone's once that was sprinkled with complaints of "getting old" and whose goals included going bowling.  To each their own, I suppose. But please, 29 is not old. 29 is fabulous, and it just gets better. 

So in total Carrie Bradshaw getting her shoes stolen at Tatum O'Neal's party style, I thought it would be fun to share my ways of surviving these late 20's-early 30's, as a somewhat still selfish, childless for now, wife to be. 

*life is short, and you should eat what you want. Some may not agree with that, but I think it's safe to say I have surrendered to the ways of food. Has this gotten harder, the older I've gotten? Heck yes, it has. The thing is, I don't love salads, so I don't eat that much. I do try to be healthy, but if I want a burger, I'll get one.

*on that note, find what kind of work out you like, and stick with it. Luckily, I actually love working out, and figure it kind of balances out the eating. Now, if I exercised like I usually do, while eating healthy and light all of the time, I might look bangin' but that sounds miserable and not worth it to me. I'm ok with how I look. I need some hips to fill out that wedding dress anyway. I also think exercise is the best thing to keep you young.

*know your family's medical history. I know, where did that come from? Yawn. When I have days where I am unmotivated to work out (as much as I enjoy it, it can be misery getting started), I remember the fact that my brother and I are now prone to stroke, and my Dad said the best thing to prevent it, is exercise. I feel somedays, even a good walk is better than a vigorous work out. You can ward off so many illnesses that way. Know what you're prone to, and at least educate yourself on what to do to prevent it.

*i don't know about all of you, but I couldn't get tan fast enough, back in the day. That's embarrassing. I do love to be tan, and think everything looks better tan, but unless I have a week at the beach, the damage to my skin just isn't worth it. I notice a lot of younger girls (like, early 20's) who are always tan, naturally thin, and they are hot without trying. I will probably never look like that again, and I really don't feel like trying. 

As far as spray tanning? It is a great invention, but it just looks weird on me. I would rather have just a little bit of natural sun. Otherwise, I embrace the pale. Lighter skin is angelic and pure. Two words that have never been used to describe me. 

*speaking of skin, invest in good products, if you haven't yet. They don't have to hundreds of dollars, but be consistent, and exfoliate when you can

*enjoy your free time and sleep now, because (I have a feeling) once those babies come along, the sleep party is over. 

I might be missing somethings, but these are just little ways that I embrace this phase of my life. Every year seems to get better, so I can't wait to see what else is in store. 

I want to throw in a little wedding tidbit, here, as well: 

I am on a huge Say Yes to the Dress kick. Can't get enough. But can we please discuss the grooms going along to help pick out the dress?! It comes off as weird and controlling, and it irritates me. 

Feels good to be back at it! I am feeling inspired to write a post dedicated to our wonderful Bryn, the flower girl. Look for that sometime soon-ish! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's real life, and on TV

Wow. What a crazy few days. I don't even know what day of the week it is. Not that I usually do, but it's gotten worse. Life has been one big whirlwind. Mostly good things though..

The biggest thing is that Dad is home!!! He is doing great, and his therapists and Doctor were so impressed with his progress, that he got to come home 3-4 days earlier than expected. This all happened yesterday (Monday), which means we made it a memorable Father's Day, at the rehab hospital (which has been a wonderful place. I say that in the present-tense, because he will still be going in for therapy.) We took him in more treats, and I one-upped myself with the customized spa, and gave my favorite father, a father's day haircut. It was outside, and we were definitely a hit with the other visitors. 

Bryn was also in town to visit her Poppy, who according to her, had a boo-boo on his head, and settle upon some flower girl things. Her Mom (known to me as Dana, also my Matron of Honor) and I got a ton of shower stuff in, and it was nice to visit with everyone- Bro-B included. :-) 

Now that my Dad is home, we need to make sure that he keeps getting stronger, and get back into our routines. Throw a stomach bug in this weekend, and I was ready for everything to get back to normal. We're getting there. 

With everything being a little extra busy lately, my one constant relaxing thing is TV. This is no surprise, and I wear the title of TV-addict proudly. With that in mind, I'd like to do a little check in with the Bravo girls, with a little E! thrown in:

Might as well start with the OC bitches. (I'm tired, so the cynicism comes naturally; but I do kind of call them that with love):

Alright, first of all, please no male strippers at my bachelorette party. I'm not going to recap what has been happening, because if you're still reading this, chances are that you watch the show. Ok, so back to Tamra's bach party. The stripper thing was like a bad orgy (is there a good kind?) It had gone from cute girl-bonding giggly time, to date-rape creepy in like 2 seconds. The same thing happened to me at a gay club a few months ago (as in a guy just started dancing on me. literally, on me), and it was pretty unwelcome. I'm sort of skipping ahead, because of course the whole ditch-the-other-girls-to-go-dancing had already happened. It was lame, and it was rude, but those things happen. What fascinated me the most was how everyone handled the situation. Heather being one of the ditched, I thought handled it pretty well. I am kind of loving her lately, but I will get to that shortly. She got her point across without yelling/crying, and then dropped it- for the most part. Gretchen, on the other hand (the other girl left behind)... Ugh. She makes me. so. mad. I pretty much don't like anything about her. Bitch was even wearing the pajamas that I have been wanting for months, but can't justify buying, when she crept out of the shadows to confront everyone, after they'd returned from Andele's. I can't stand a needy girl, and she is it. 

As for my take on the girls lately- 
Tamra- She's kind of growing back on me. I'm glad she's been nicer. That's kind of it. Oh, and I can't wait to see the wedding (on her own show, most likely) 

Vicky- Um, the eyelashes coming off during her commentary. Can't. She's still a mess, but I like her more than Gretchen, a lot that's something. While Briana's story is "touching" it's totally boring! I watch these shows to see rich people. Not this sentimental shit.

Alexis- Zzzzzzzz

Heather- Like I said, kind of loving her. I just wish she wasn't so fancy all of the time- mostly in the way that she speaks. Also, I'm not a pearl and cardigan kind of gal, but she wears it well.

Lydia- Starting to kind of like Lydia. Her quirks are still annoying, but I'm sure I annoy people with the way that I talk and my mannerisms. In fact, I know that I have to. But she owned Slade at the salsa party, and that was brilliant.

Lauri- Ugh. Not welcome back with her stupid and mean gossip, and bad plastic surgery. 

I'll just touch a little on the New Jersey girls (because this bad boy is getting looooong, and I have onion rings to eat soon): 
I am still bored and confused, but I love Melissa. I think she is smokin' hot, and I wish my skin tanned even half of what her's looks like. That's creepy, but I think it every time that I look at her. Gia's 12th or 11th or 47th (whatever) birthday, was held at what appeared to be a nightclub/laser tag center, and it was absurd. And what was the cake supposed to be?? Anyone else see it? Looked a lil' inappropriate, if you know what I'm saying. This all comes together..kind of..I prom-promise. It was at this party, that Melissa was confronted about timing of visiting her sick FIL, and the gym, and other things that no one else would really care about, or at least mention. I could see both sides, but just like the RHOC/leaving the girls behind incident, it's all in how you handle it. Teresa may have had a point (maybe not) but she blew it, in her delivery. Btw, you know when you see Kim "D" (as she is referred to when she appears on screen) pop up, "trouble" is "just" around the "corner." 

One more thing on RHONJ...for some reason, it grosses me out to see it being filmed in the winter. New Jersey in the winter. I mean, why don't they just shoot around Altoona in January. It is not a pretty site, and it makes me claustrophobic when I watch it. That might also be the little guestroom that I am usually sent to, to watch my shows.

I'm going to close out this meaningless TV rambling with an open note (a note because it is much smaller than your average letter) to E! So really it's to Ryan Seacrest: 

Dear E! Entertainment Television/Ryan Seacrest, 
As a lover of all things dumb, yet glam, I am a huge lover of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It is so mindless, but so entertaining. I watch it to see the houses, the get the idea. Which is why, when there is a storyline involving Bruce Jenner, I am sadly forced to change the channel. No one wants to see a middle-aged man buying guns, flying toy helicopters, or being told by his wife that he isn't allowed to eat in his own bedroom. He may be an Olympic Athlete, but he makes me sleepy. 

Also, I don't know who your demographic is, but I for one, don't care to watch shows about boy banders. It might be my age, but boy bands aren't what they used to be; therefore why do I need to watch them touring (like The Wanted) or masquerading as a newlywed to his adorable beard bride (The Jonas guy..)

Readers, please tell me I am not alone, and more importantly, not crazy for just spending an hour writing this nonsense..

Ok, off to address invitations (ya know, something useful.) Our invitations are GORGEOUS by the way! Just what we wanted :-) And don't worry, I am sure that I will find something good to watch while I get to work.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Perspective, Priorities, & Prayers

For those of you that don't know, my father (who is the greatest!), had a stroke last week. He will be fine, and is already making a fast, and impressive recovery. 

So needless to say, blogging has not been a huge priority. Neither has wedding shiz, and that part of it has been nice. As nice as any of this can be. I was positively beside myself over place cards before last friday morning. Seriously, why? Place. Cards. Who. Cares. 

I do this blog, mostly because I want to print it out, and show my children someday. So, I'm going to share a few notes. This hasn't been something I'd want to forget, not that I could anyway. Good or bad, it's significant. 

This is being written from my phone, so I'm breaking it down the easy way. Ya know- bullet points instead of clear, concise paragraphs. My way. 

*On Friday morning, like 6am early, my fiancĂ© woke me up, and basically in a tizzy (a ClusterF, if you will) told me to get dressed because I was riding into the hospital with him, to meet my mom and dad- who was there for a variety of reasons that we weren't sure of the specifics yet. It was horrible. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. I'm not even sure how I remembered to put a bra on. Or if I did remember at all. 

*Walking into meet him, to the freaking ICU, was surprisingly a relief. He was joking around and his color looked good. My Dad continued to joke all weekend, and be as ornery as ever.

If there was ever any doubt that he and I are alike, it was confirmed this weekend. We have shared lots of weird jokes and talk of recipes, culture, and things that most people would find either boring or odd. I also couldn't get over how much our feet look alike. Maybe that's one of those things that you notice when you are delirious and have been sitting in the same chair for 4 hours.  

*My Dad and I have spent a lot of invaluable time together. We've all made sure he's been comfortable and as entertained as can be. I washed his hair, and cleaned up his achy feet for him today. It was fun. We made our own little spa out of room 1157 at the Altoona Hospital. I've also made sure that he's gotten magazines, and his favorite treats, which he always shares with yours truly. 

*We are now at the rehab hospital. As in, just got here, as I'm typing away while everyone else deals with formalities. This place is pretty sweet! It's no Ritz, but it will do. I was lucky enough to ride over in the med-van. Thank goodness I did, because I would have gone to a now closed hospital in Altoona, that I thought was totally the new rehabilitation unit. Clueless. 

So, now we just wait and pray, and spend lots of time with everyone's favorite guy. We're also basking in the fact that we are out of that hospital room.  Snooze/gross/germs. 

It seems like we are out of the woods, and can breath a little easier. Amazing how the little things become so unimportant. Unfortunately, it usually takes something big and scary to remind us. 

Hug your loved ones extra hard after you read this! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Catching Up

Ok, I have been totally MIA. Psh, sorrynotsorry. I've been busy, and feeling like a mind explosion has been just around the corner. I'm kind of over it now. Chalk it up to hormones, wedding planning, and getting back into a routine (work, workout, at home, and otherwise.) Plus, because I am trying to be a more positive bride-to-be, I will say that we have been busy doing a ton of fun stuff. So much so, that I haven't felt like writing about life, just livin' it man. Enjoy this random rambling. These are the posts that come the easiest. Pretty sure my brain is always going a mile a minute, not about anything super serious, so here's a glimpse into it (it's filled with glitter, visions of wedding anything and everything, and upbeat jams)

*Obvi, as I write this, I am watching the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I still don't know what everyone is fighting about, and I even watched the marathon leading up to it. I felt that I owed it to myself to watch it all over again (again as in, like, the 17th time/episode).  In fact, we are 27 minutes in, and I'm a little bored so far; but I will not give up on my girls. Looking forward to the Kardashians being back tonight. Speaking of the Kardashians, say what you want about them, and I probably will agree with you, but they are fascinating, and I love them. That also means that I will be missing Game of Thrones, which Anthony watches. I try, and well, I get confused. I will however, keep referring to him and anyone else as "Your Grace" in my best British accent, because it's fun.

*Speaking of the Kardashians, I don't care how it happens, but I want my wedding make-up to look like a Karsashian face. Give me smokey eyes, contouring, and your best tranny-glam.

*..Speaking of the wedding (see how I did that?) I think I have the hair figured out. The key is not to tell anyone. That's where I get into my head, and start to doubt myself. I am back to my original favorite look (I don't even think it's anything that I've written about) and it feels like such a no-brainer, going back to square one. We'll see how the trial goes, but I am feeling good about it.

And yes Mom, I will end up telling you.

*As I write this, and watch my Housewives, I am wearing a beach coverup, my glasses, and...wait for wedding shoes (hey, they need to be stretched out) and my wedding bands that we got yesterday. They look beyond gorgeous with my oh-so-special engagement ring, and I don't want to take them off.  So, in other words, I look awesome and really pulled together on this Sunday night.

*I know so many people that have recently gotten engaged, and some that have even started planning! It is SO fun to share the excitement. I have much more of an appreciation now for the planning process, and how much work it can be; but also how fun and bonding it can be for the couple. Plus, I love seeing everyone's ideas, and how personal you can make your special day. You should all know, that if we are facebook friends and you've gotten married, I've looked at your wedding pictures at least twice. It's not even a matter of getting ideas, because we (I) pretty much know what we want; but just seeing how it all came together, and what made it your day. It's a love fest.

*I have started thinking about our little details- you know the place cards, favor stuff, guestbook, how to do the seating chart. This is not my favorite kind of job. Boooorrrrring. So I figure I'll try to get a head start. I think my best bet is going to be the Antique Depot in Duncansville. Looking for: a huge mirror (found a bunch, but it's just a matter of comparing prices), dark and plain wine bottles, that will fit in this awesome wall plaque that we got at our shower (guestbook idea); and I also need to go into our local printing place, and see what kind of signage they can make for us for certain things. Totally fascinating right? Really, it's written here so that I don't forget.

*Until I actually get my shower post up (it might just be easier to wait at this point, and do a post for both showers #firstworldproblems #imgettingtwoshowers) I wanted to at least share a detail. What stands out, besides how beautiful everything was, is the food. The girls served comfort food: my favorite. Along with amazing desserts, we had grilled cheese and tomato soup, and ham & cheese sliders. I was in heaven! 

*I started a post about our quick Cedar Point trip, which was awesome, but really I could fit my favorite details into this bullet. One, to spend that time one-on-one with Anthony was priceless. We laughed the whole time, and had a blast. My phone died halfway through the day, and it was the best thing that could have happened. Accessiblity is highly overrated. Especially when all you want is time alone with your honey.

The best part about the day though, is that the experience brought out my fiance's childlike side. Anthony has an amazing and admirable ability to make any situation fun and silly. It is hands down, my favorite thing about him. I wouldn't say intern year of residency has completely sucked that out of him, but it's been close.

Anthony got me to ride a roller coaster. This is HUGE. I won't say which one, because it is laughable. But I survived. Through the screaming and holding back tears, I faced a fear, and actually had a really good time in doing so. Now, you may be thinking "why is this girl going to Disney World on her honeymoon, if she's terrified of rides?" You might not be thinking that, but if you are, read on: It's dips that I can't handle. Heights don't bother me at all, but that drop freaks me out. A ride can spin and go from side-to-side, and I will love it. Now, at Disney World, let's just say there are 100 rides there, but only about 5 that I won't ride. Still totally worth it. Plus, Disney World is my favorite place. Plain and simple.

*And just for good measure, some recent pictures:

Bowling with friends last night

Before we walked into Cedar Point

Poor dude riding rides alone. At least I was there to take his picture..?

I thought I had more photos on my phone, but I have to delete them pretty fast, to make room for all of my various wedding ideas. Check out my instagram: Luci1220 if you want to stalk a little more. There's no shame, we all do it. 

Happy reading, friends! XO

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Almost Newlyweds..

At our shower, we did a really fun game, that was similar to The Newlywed Game. I'm sure you all have played it, or seen it done at wedding showers, or maybe seen the show that has been on for like, 35 years. Being that we are the only two people to be desperately in love, and planning a wedding, ever, in the whole world, I feel like I need to explain the game to you. It's pretty self explanatory. 

Just a few notes: 
Rather than answer the questions how I would, aka correctly, I answered as I thought Anthony would.

Also, Krissy had filmed Anthony answering these, and while the videos were too quiet to enjoy at the game (she had written his answers down anyway) we watched them later, and they were really funny and cute. 

On to (most of) the questions: 

1. Where was Anthony born?

L's answer: Pittsburgh...oh wait, he said Shitsburgh
A's answer: Shitsburgh

2. What was your first date together?

Both said Jethro's 

3. How many kids do you want to have?

L: He said 2, but I want at least 3
A: I say 2, but Luci will say 3 or more

4. First kiss/First I Love Yous?

Both: Camp, August 2009 for first kiss; first I love yous- Anthony said it, NYE 2010

5. What is the theme of your wedding?

L: Great Gatsby-ish, but he didn't say that
A: Umm..Pink and gold?

6. What do you think is Luci's best physical feature?

Ok..I made a dingdong out of myself here...
L: Hmmm..not sure I can this..but my boobs
A: Her entire face 
(how much nicer is his answer, compared to my white trash response) 

7. One word to describe Luci:

L: He always tells me that I'm sweet
A: Fun and funny 
(another great answer)

8. One word to describe Anthony:

L: Loud
A: Smart

9. What is Anthony's biggest pet peeve about Luci? 

L: Always in a hurry; and break everything
A: Sits on the couch and watches too much tv (!!!!) 
(I'm still feigning shock and anger of this one)

10. Luci's favorite thing that Anthony cooks for her?

Both: Fried chicken

11. Anthony's favorite thing that Luci makes for him?

Both: Chocolate chip cookies

12. Who is better at cleaning?

L: He said himself, even though that's not true
A: Me! 
(I don't think men realize the nooks and crannies of a home, that need to be cleaned. Just sayin)

13. What is Luci's favorite outfit?

L:  Easy. Pajamas.
A: Her floral, silk pajamas
(I wouldn't say they are my fave, but they are comfortable, and gross and Anthony hates them. My favorites are the plaid flannel from my mom, or the leopard from Krissy. I just live for good PJ's!) 

So there is another glimpse into the shower, and into our goofy relationship. In other wedding news, we had our food tasting today, and everything was beyond good! Our coordinator is awesome, and it was just a great, and reassuring experience. 

My dress is in!! Haven't gone to try it on, but I'm hoping it looks like this: 

We are now in the double digits: 98 days to go! We have been having such a fun time planning this wedding, that it has gone by way too fast. Trust me, there are many things that we haven't agreed on, but I'd say for every "disagreement" there have been at least twice as many laughs.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap ~ WC Shower Weekend

"If this is just the beginning, my life is gonna be beautiful" - On my way home from West Chester, just outside of Philadelphia, I decided to add a Michael Buble station to my Pandora, and heard the song Ain't That A Kick In The Head by Dean Martin. My Dad and I always loved this song, and this lyric really stood out to me, as this was an exceptional weekend. This is how I am feeling these days. Not too shabby.

Saturday, the 18th, really kicked off our wedding festivities. My first bridal shower was thrown, and it was incredible. There was so much thought and love put into it. Once I get my pictures in order, I will do a post on the shower, alone. I decided to make it a long weekend- and it ended up being filled with lots of eating, sleeping, family time, shopping, and primping. I mean, really, does it get any better?

Wednesday afternoon, I was on my way! My Aunt Ro lives very close to where Anthony's parents live. A little tidbit: my Dad grew up really close to where my fiance did. Somehow, my mom and I got them both to Altoona. I digress.. I met my Aunt for dinner, and the place she picked was on my way into the area, which worked out great. She always chooses the most amazing places- from the food to the ambiance. We like fancy in the Nardone family. This time was no different. We went to a place called Vicker's Tavern, in Exton. My parents had their rehearsal dinner here, 30-some years ago. Really fitting for the weekend. One thing that I really love about a lot of places in Eastern PA, is the history. The buildings in the area appear to be intact, for the most part, and a lot of them have some kind of war background. I really don't know what that means. I just know that this place was old and beautiful. Our food was amazing, and the company and laughter even better. Aunt Ro's friend, Phyllis joined us, and I think we could have sat all night and caught up.

Then it was off to Pam & Frank's (my in-laws to be) and get some beauty sleep.

Thursday, I slept in. A lot. I was really hoping that by the time I hit 30, my need (or really just love) to sleep in would subside, and maturity would take over. Hasn't taken yet. Pam and I got up and went to a great brunch at a place called The Classic Diner, that has become a regular spot when we're there. Speaking of being mature, I ordered chicken fingers. I have to add that the food in the Philly area is incredible. There is nothing like it, and this is what we miss the most living in Altoona. We do however, have our choice of most chain restaurants. Awesome. After brunch, I went home to get scrubbed up, and de-moistured, so that I could go get spray tanned. Nothing too interesting there, except that the cute, young girl at the desk seemed disgusted by how fair my skin was. I didn't have the heart to tell her, that all of the tanning she is doing now, is going to make her beautiful, young face shrivel up and die.

The rest of Thursday was pretty awesome. I went to the salon where I worked when I lived in the area, La Difference. I got my hair done (Hi and Lo Mohawk to be exact) and visited with friends. I didn't want to leave. That place always felt like home to me, still does. There is always something special about a place where you flourished and grew in so many ways. My old boss, Christy, wouldn't be making it to the shower, so I headed to her house afterwards, and we caught up over pizza. It was perfect, and great to see her family as well.

Later that night, I headed over to my sister-in-law to be, Krissy's, place. I mean, I went to see my brother-in-law to be, Matthew too, but he wasn't as interested in our girl talk, and champs drinking. I kept her from working on secret shower things. Sorry, Krissy :-)  Ps..She had on the season finale of Scandal, which I've never watched (always meant to start) and it looked super good, and scandalous (sorry, I had to.)

On friday morning, the beautifying continued. Pam and I headed out for manis and pedis. I found my new favorite color for on my fingernails. It's Steady As She Rose, by OPI. I say new, but it's from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Gulp. Better start doing some Ebay and Amazon shopping. I can't say enough about how much I love this color. As for toes, I almost always get I Vant To Be A-Lone Star by OPI. No matter my intention for something else, I always end up with the same toes. Just m' thang. I was doing closed-toe for the shower, so didn't feel the need to match, not that I ever do match my nails to my toes..

After our nail appt, you guessed it... more good food. We went to a place called Catherine's. This place was beyond charming, and had a great historic feel to it. Not that I know the specifics. I do know, that I had the best burger I think that I've ever had, and 87 glasses of iced tea.

Friday afternoon was reserved for meeting my Mom and Dad, who were on their way into town from Cape May. We met at the King of Prussia mall, and spent most of our time at Nordstrom. It was a really successful shopping trip, and really fun to get that time with my Mom. And...drum roll please...I got my wedding shoes!! They are gorgeous, and they are also going to be a surprise. I even had a dream about them later that night.

We all went back to the house to regroup - which means drink, snack, and change, then met my Aunt, my brother, sister-in-law, and niece for dinner. They were staying at Aunt Ro's. One thing that I always worry about, are logistics...for anything. I mean, I would worry about how and when to get to work if I could. So naturally, I was nervous that we all wouldn't get to see each other enough, etc. I was so wrong. It all could not have worked out better. It was a great night to catch up, and it was really casual. We went to a local pizza place. My niece, will also be our flower girl. She turned 2 in January, and if it's possible, she get's sweeter, and even more beautiful everytime I see her.

Saturday was of course, shower day! It was a beautiful party, thrown by Pam's friends, and Krissy. The little touches were very heartfelt, and I was blubbering mess when I got there. One thing that was really special to me about it, was enjoying it with my Mom. Much, much more to come!

A little preview.. This picture isn't the best, but it captures the moment. And isn't a weird angle. Bryn and I were enjoying the cake, here. Yes, more eating.

By this time, the groom had gotten into town, and was off rocking away at a concert. While we were all being fancy and girly, he was in a mosh pit listening to Alice and Chains & Soundgarden. Not only did Anthony travel to Jersey, he also time-traveled to 1993. Our Dad's had gone to a Philly's game. Who didn't have fun on shower weekend?!

Saturday night was casual, and really fun, thank god because I could not wait to get my dress off. We all hung out at Pam and Frank's. Dana and I also got a lot of shower things done, for my Hollidaysburg shower. Then on Sunday, the Nardone's met for breakfast in Wayne, a great little town, and close to where my Dad and Aunt grew up. Then time to head back home.

Now, it is back to reality, along with lots of working out, thank you notes to write, and beautiful things to put away.

This week ahead should be just as crazy, and almost as fun. Anthony and decided to sneak away overnight just the two of us on Wednesday, and then we have our food tasting on Friday!

I cannot believe that our first wedding party/event has come and gone. It still feels like a blur. I need to figure out how to process, so that I remember my wedding when the time comes. Seriously. I cannot stress again how incredible the shower was, and am really anxious to get it all written down. The Almost Newlywed Game was pretty ridiculous. I'm still trying to decide how much of it will be appropriate to blog about.

That's just a smidgen of how meaningful this weekend was to me. I mean, how lucky are we?

Hopefully, party details will be up by the end of the week!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gurl, where you been?

Ok, so I have been totally MIA. We know this. It's happening. We're dealing with it. 

There are a ton of big things coming up, and I've been working, packing, shopping.. You name it. I've also been getting our teeny little place ready, to make some room for our new things we'll be bringing home next weekend (shower weekend!) 

A fun thing about this blog, that I have been thinking all along, is that I think it would be really great for our kids, and their kids, etc to see one day. I'm under the impression that you can get your posts printed into a book. So, with that said, something that I would like to post in the near future is a glimpse into our place (with pictures- I really need to get better with the pictures.) 

Just a few other things going on lately.. 

*We had a great Mother's Day. Just hung out at my Mom and Dad's, watched movies, and had a nice dinner. My Mom and I would have gone for a nice, long walk but it was freezing here! 

*I'm finally feeling that mind-body connection, again. It's not anything that I can really explain, but it's basically a confidence in getting my workout on, and feeling good while doing it; and even looking forward to it. I always lose it in the winter time. I'm a natural hibernator. Truly. Give me a bed, a snack, and a tv, and I'm good for days. It's disgusting. I have been doing a lot of different classes, and am back at my favorite gym! Makes a difference for me. My surroundings are important to me when I workout. I feel a separate post coming on.. 

*Currently, I am reading Everything is Perfect When You're a Liar, by Kelly Oxford. Google her. She's kind a twitterlebrity, is the best way I know to describe her. Also, she's hilarious, and crass- which I love. 
(I apologize for not adding a link to the book. I am posting this from my phone. I'm sure that I could figure it out..but, well, I don't want to.)

*I'm also thinking I need to do a Bravo post, and go through some of the shows. For example, I was really hoping to recap Married to Medicine; or Marriage: The First Year since they are seemingly close to my life. Well, they are the opposite of my life (which is awesome! seriously!); and catch up with the Orange County chicks... 

This was just a quick hi, a what I'm thinking about doing, and a see ya'll soon! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013 Fashion Recap

Towards the end of winter, all Stepfords, fashionistas, and divas expect the arrival of one very important invitation. I'm of course talking about the Met Gala, held in NYC every spring. It's like the Oscars of fashion (with no awards...) I had to decline, again, this year because I have a lot getting-dressed-to-go-work-out-but-never-going to do. I was able to see everything online, and now of course, instagram; as I'm sure most of you were, too.

Every year, there is a theme to the gala. This year's was punk. Yes, punk meets couture. I'm a tad uneasy about it. Apparently, some of the guests were too, as it appears they thought punk could also mean: Medieval, just straight up couture, disco (I'm talkin' to you, Solange), and so on..

Let's check it out:

 First off, let's pull a fashion police on Anne Hatheway. I kind of love this. You know if Hatheway is invited to anything with a theme, she is committing! (And maybe a little dorky. There, I said it.) This dress is fabulous, and she rocked the punk theme. Even the hair is edgy and cool. Can she pull of edgy and cool? Ehhh. Can I? Just as much as Anne Hatheway can. In other words, I want to desperately, but just will never quite be cool enough.
 I have a weird thing about Beyone. I want to like her. In fact, I almost feel obligated to. She's a little too perfect for me, with her "perfect" life and just ok voice. I swear, I'm not in a bad mood while I write this. However, Queen Bey always looks to die for! She's hot! As for this Met Gala look, it's not really doing anything for me, either way. I'm not even sure there is a theme here, at all. Maybe couture mess? The hair is good. Her assets, amazing as always. And, that's about that.
 Solange Knowles. Beyonce's sister. Not punky at all. At all. Don't get me wrong, I think the 'fro is super cool, and she seems like a nice enough girl. But no. Just no. The dress is a little too safe, too. Great dress, but not appropriate for the event. It would be very nice for my wedding rehearsal, though. The Knowles sisters may have missed the mark on the punk theme, but one was gala appropriate, the "other one" wasn't. I have a feeling that Solange is referred to as the "other one" a lot. I'm getting a total Whatever Happened to Baby Jane vibe here.
Katy Perry claimed to have been channeling the "original punk" Joan of Arc. I'm going to try and be nice here, because she drives me nuts. So, I won't say too much about how lame it is to try and go deep when you're typically performing with lollypops over your chest. And the fit and length of this dress? Well, again, I'm just going to leave it at that. I'm, like, angry now.
 That's better. Madonna. She makes everything better. This is, obviously, one strange outfit, but it's cohesive, punky, and in true Madonna fashion, she owns it! And I love it. I do think a gown would have been more appropriate, though.
 Powdered wigs are back, you guys! Nicole Richie was one of the most talked about of the night. I like the dress, but it isn't punk to me. The hair is jacked, but it is punk (was George Washington a punk?), so I need to give her points there. In some weird way, I think as a whole, this kind of worked. The dress was simple enough to let the rest her look, shine. Speaking of weird, that white hair is really flattering to her skin tone. Go figure. It was fine for the evening, but let's hope this color (Powder? Spray from Spencer's? Too much dry shampoo?) washed out.
 Rooney Mara actually just stopped by on her way home from the grocery store. Truly, I think this is how she looks all of the time. I have to say, I love the dress and the shoes. I like me some Rooney, and I know being aloof and sad is her thing, but I would love to see her smile! Just once!
Oh, SJP. We need to break it down in sections. The dress is gorgeous. It isn't punky, but still- it's stunning. The hair and make-up, as always look great. The headpiece. Sigh. I appreciate the couture thing going on. Really, I do. Sarah Jessica never makes safe choices, and I love that about her. I just don't get this. I don't see how it goes with the event. This doesn't really look comfortable either. I feel like I am missing some kind of obvious joke, but all in all, it is totally Sarah Jessica Parker, and like Madonna, she is owning the look. Let's be honest, I'd rather see this, than anything too safe for this kind of night.

Some others worth mentioning are Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Jessica Alba. Respectively, we saw preggo Kim in flowers (my only issues was that Kim was looking too short. There wasn't enough skin showing. Too much fabric for her figure- which I think looks fine for someone who is expecting a baby, btw); Miley was punky, and for that, I loved it; Jessica was gorgeous, yet safe. I would have worn her look for any other kind of gala.

I didn't get the designer's names. If it's really important, and you're hoping to buy Madonna's blazer or Rooney's shoes- I'd check Us Weekly, or really anywhere else. Given that all attending were to punk it up a bit, I was surprised not to see anything Debbie Harry inspired. That would have been my go-to. However, I am no expert on anything punk. Shocking, right? I already can't wait to see what the theme is next year. My dream would be a Dynasty theme, but I don't really see that happening. Ever. 

Whether you prefer to be a punk, a Joan Collins wannabe, or whatever else feels normal to you..just be fabulous! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

High 5 ~ Wedding Edition

I really was feeling a link up for today, and seeing as how it's Friday, had to be a High 5! Linking up here..

I decided to do a wedding inspired High Five. I mean, why not. Oh, and you can probably expect a few wedding inspired High Five posts..

While these High Fives aren't necessarily from this week, they are a big part of our lives at the moment.

1. I am no closer to knowing how I will wear my hair for the big day! In fact, a girl was walking passed work today, and was rocking the best bangs/bun thing, and it totally inspired me. If we're going up..this is where I am now:

Yes, that is Kim Zolciak from the RHOA reunion. I don't care how ridiculous. It was her real hair, after all, so it's not that tacky, right? Don't answer that. 

I guess we'll give the cute random girl on Allegheny Street the High 5. Go guuurl!

A few weeks ago, I was leaning towards down; this week it's up. Next week, maybe it will be half up/half down! I'm breathing into a (bedazzled) paper bag now.

2. In just 2 weeks (and 1 day,) I will celebrate my FIRST bridal shower! Huge! I'm having two, since Anthony and I are from separate hometowns. This one will be in his hometown of West Chester, PA, and I am so excited! My mother-in-law to be, Pam- who has been amazing in helping us, has a fantastic group of friends that are throwing it, along with my sister-in-law to be, Krissy. That girl deserves her own about helpful, and just all around fabulous! Let me tell you, these women can do no wrong. I have seen what they can create. It will be an incredible and meaningful day.

Anthony will be rocking out at the MMRBQ, while I am there. It's a tradition for him, and he really shouldn't miss it. I went with him one year. Loved the music; being in a mosh pit with a bunch of dirties stepping all over me? yeah, never again. Just try to picture it. I was sporting new bangs and a sensible strapless top. Um, one of these things is not like the other.

3. Now, I need to preface what I am about to say. While it has been wonderful having everyone share how happy they are for us, I feel so silly having registered, and expecting people to buy us stuff. It embarrasses me. I would just rather have their love and support behind us. I know, holy cheese, Luce. My fiance on the other hand, checks our registries every 10 minutes to see if anyone has gotten anything. That all being said, we have already gotten a few things delivered to us, and what a cool feeling! Have I totally contradicted myself? What else is new.Can't wait to start entertaining like grown-ups!

4. I need to High 5 the fact that we're kind of in that relaxing lull that everyone told us about. All of the big stuff is set, and while there is still a ton to do (seriously..does it ever end?) I feel like we can just sit back, and figure it out in the next few weeks. This alone makes me a little nuts. Knowing that I have things that I could be doing, but am putting them off? Where is that paper bag again? Who am I? Might as well "try" to relax while I can. Cut to me staying up until 2am tonight to make some lame guestbook or something..

5. At the end of this month, we go for our food tasting, and "meeting" with our wedding coordinator provided by the Nittany Lion Inn. While I am so excited about the food, along with our parents, and Anthony, I'm sure who is more excited than anyone about the food, I cannot wait to pick this poor guy's brain about itinerary, logistics, and the like. Stepford be crazy.

6. Bonus HIGH FIVE! Whoa, where did that come from?! While I was writing that last one, I thought of one more thing to share. My fiance has said to me, from the beginning, that the most important things to him about the wedding are the food, and the music. I mentioned to him picking our introduction song, and surprising me that day. I didn't really care what it would be, and knew he would pick something fun. About a week after I mentioned it, he started laughing and said he had a great song in mind. Knowing him, it took me about 2 seconds to figure it out. So much for the surprise. Our first introduction as Mr. and Mrs. Froncillo will be to none other than Welcome to the Jungle by Guns 'n' Roses. I love it because it is so Anthony. Rock On!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Smells Like 30-Something Spirit

I need to make a little note here, first. Anyone remember the Toms wedges that the Easter Bunny brought me? They were a tad too big, and that's why I claimed to have been living in my Gabe's wedges- because my beloved Toms had to be exchanged. By the way, what happens to the African kids, when you return a pair of Toms?? Just a thought.. Anyway, I got the right size in my Toms, and they are fabulous! When I "dress up" they are a great, comfy go-to. They're not a bad casual shoe either. Moral of the story: they're comfortable and I have found dozens of dressy and casual ways to wear them! I'll save the Gabe's wedges for date night (hopefully this weekend!)

Good to have that off of my chest! More importantly though, we need to all give some recognition to a fabulous girl, Rebecca over at Mommy in Heels. I've known Becky for the longest time, and she has always been such a fashionista. It's nice to see someone local living out their dreams, and doing it in such an awesome way! She is an inspiration in many ways. Please read through her blog for great, and accessible fashion ideas, and to check out some amazing opportunities that she has been given recently- all for her love of fashion! 

This got me thinking that maybe I need to make my posts more specific, or just focus more on wedding planning. That's a little hard to do, since we have everything pretty much set. Go us! I was all set to write up a post on how emotional it is to shop for the right dress, and maybe on how I've become obsessed with Say Yes To The Dress..but then I got home, and there was a Kiehls package at my door! Thus a new idea was born.

In my quest to look like a Stepford Wife, but never ever act like one, I started going a little nuts ordering beauty products (make-up, face cream, you name it.) What's up, tax refund. About a month ago, I went on the search for a new perfume. I thought if nothing else, I wanted something new for the wedding. Usually, I wear Lolita Lempicka aka "the purple apple one" but just needed something new. Funny, that's usually my justification for going to Target- "I just need something new" or "I just need to walk around for 3 hours somewhere." This was a tricky one, because I'm afraid that I inherited my mother's terrible allergies and sensitivity to anything "strong" scented. What is a glamazon to do? I knew I could handle something musky. To me, there is nothing better than the smell of men's cologne. I went to Macy's and smelled everything, and left with the worst itchy nose of my life. I was annoyed, too. Discouraged, disheartened, and overly dramatic. Not even my Captain & Ginger Ale at Applebee's could erase the mess that was going on all over my wrists. By some way of magic, two days later, Bethenny Frankel tweeted that Lance Bass had recommended a scent for her. First of all, I love that I just said Bethenny Frankel and Lance Bass tweeted through magic. I digress. Long story short, Bethenny was also looking for the perfect musky scent, and Lance had the answer for her. Come to think of it, maybe she was looking for the perfect mens/womens scent- something else that would mean it would work for me. The BethennyLance scent would be Kiehl's Musk. I mean, duh. It's called Musk. I had heard of it, but never gave it a second thought..until that fateful day. Cut to a week and half later, and my Musk was at my door. I ordered the 1.7 oz version of the spray, and the Musk scented body lotion. So far, I'm loving it! It has a Chanel 5 quality. And, my nose feels fine. Bonus. What's nice about Kiehl's, is they are all about the samples. It's like ordering from Sephora, but not as overwhelming.

The samples that I choose are the Eye Alert, and Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream with SPF (I've been wearing wrinkle cream since I was 7. And by 7, I mean 22-ish.) I also was gifted with a 1 oz bottle of their Creme de Corps: The Original Nourishing Cream

Are we seeing a trend, that I online shop a lot? There are 2 reasons for this..1 is that there is literally jack around here, as far as places to shop. 2 is that crowds and people in my way bug me. Pretty simple explanation.

This is also a good time to share what came in my Birchbox
I'm going to keep it super simple here: A perfume (ironic); a facial wash- haven't tried it, but it's by LAFACE, and that is a great brand; A lipstick that is more like a lipstain- in the reddest color I have ever worn/seen in my life; And a skin serum by Nexxus. Say wha?? Nexxus makes skincare products?! Rather nice ones, I might add.

Bee-tee-dubs, most of the Kiehl's samples that I ordered, can be bought through Birchbox, in the bigger size, therefor gaining me shopping points! Same with a lot of other brands on the site. Something to think about, all my fellow product junkies.

Just to keep this wedding inspired, I have most likely found my day-of scent. Otherwise, my mother always wore Shalimar, and I had mentioned to her, just wearing that. She told me that she had gotten rid of it- she had crossed into being allergic to her signature scent. I can really make nothing, sound dramatic, no?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spaz Patrol!

...Name what movie that is from! No, really. I can't remember. I want to say Little Giants, or Heavyweights or Rookie of the Year.. Same diff. My fiance says it to me, at least once a week. I am a naturally anxious person. I am always in a "hurry to get nowhere" as I like to say. This week has been extra spazzy, my friends. I have been crazed with things to do. Nothing major. Just TOO MUCH to do, and no time to do it. You will feel it in this post, because I'm pretty sure we're about to enter into some pretty random territory. You may want to nap, or at least have a drink after reading about my all-over thoughts.

*As for this weekend, while I have work tomorrow, I am kicking it off by going to the lake with friends tonight. I have made the pinterest popular Skinny Funfetti dip. And let me tell you, it's setting in the fridge now, but from what I can tell, it's amazing! Amazing! Like crack. I also made up a pizza thing out of puff pastry. So far, so good. We'll see. If I feel like talking about the recipe, I might. Might not. I don't think anyone really reads this yet, so I might just take advantage of writing down nonsense, before it catches on.

*Can we talk about The Great Gatsby trailer?! Here's a confession: I never read the book. I don't know how to read. That last part isn't true, but I never had to read it, therefor just never did. This movie though...oh em gee. The clothes, the sets, even the font on the poster (which totally looks like our wedding invites!) makes for the most beautiful looking movie. I cannot wait, and hopefully I can get some last minute ideas for the wedding. Everything we've pretty much picked has that Art Deco feel, so it looks like this summer will be filled with glamorous inspiration. Love it!

*I got my Birchbox in the mail! This week has been so ridiculous, that I haven't even gotten to try any of my new beauty products! Now that is busy. Once I do, expect a review. Maybe. I'm really glad I started to get these cute little boxes, because I had been thinking all along they would be a really nice gift for some of our wedding vendors. That is still a possibility, but the standard size is TEENY! So I  may need to rethink my options, or at least see what else Birchbox offers.

*You all caught up on your RHOC? Here's another confession: I love to read the girls' blogs on Bravo's website, and see the comments from the viewers. People are calling Gretchen, Tamra, and Heather on their mean girl behavior, and because I'm tacky, I love that they're being called out.

Ok...Guess it's back to work, then maybe fitting in a workout, doing my hair for later...blah blah blah.

Have a great weekend, everyone xoxo

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Livi's Chicken Salad

There are two very special little people, that I am lucky enough to spend two days a week with. Back in, I think October, I was looking for one more "little" job to fill my time, and maybe give me a little extra spending money. With my fiance's schedule, it's smart to have things that keep me busy. Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, an old friend of mine and I were able to connect, and she asked if I wanted to watch over her babies on a regular basis. The rest is history, and I am now Fran Fine Mary Poppins a nanny. When this started, Anthony asked me what the difference was between a nanny and a babysitter. Well, I guess because we have a set schedule, and I'm not 13, I'm a nanny...?

Let me tell you guys, it has become so much more than a "job."  I am so beyond crazy for these two little people. Besides our wedding, my Mondays and Wednesdays, with Olivia and Grant are what I look forward to more than anything. It's ok- their mom, Laura, knows how much I adore them, and thank goodness doesn't think I'm a weirdo. People have asked me if this makes me want to wait until we have children, because while fulfilling and so much fun, it can be tiring. The answer, is honestly, it makes me want them sooner. Anthony is wincing right now. He and I will figure all of that out, but this 5 year old boy, and 1 year old girl have opened a place in my heart, that I didn't even know was there. I think this is how most people feel when they get a pet. Never took for me. But babies? Well, at least I know I'm not completely heartless.

Olivia celebrated her first birthday last month! And girlfriend is walking all over the place, and talking to us all of the time. It's amazing how fast they change. Her wonderful parents had a lovely party for her, and we were lucky enough to be a part of her big day. Laura- who I could stay and chit chat with all day if the kids allowed, has given me some great recipe ideas. She shares things that are easy, and make great leftovers. I know about the leftovers, because I eat pretty much everything in their fridge. One of my recent favorites, was the main dish at Olivia's party. Chicken Salad Sandwiches. A favorite anyway, but once Anthony actually took it upon himself to mention it, and asked me to get the recipe, I knew we had found a great staple for at our house. And a staple this has become. It's the easiest thing to make, and gets better the longer it sits. (Within reason, obvi)

Ok, so really it's Laura's recipe. Olivia didn't come up with it on her own, or even make it for that matter, but it does remind me of her special day.

1 Rotisserie Chicken, Shredded
Handful of Cherry Flavored Dried Cranberries
1 Fuji Apple, diced
(Combine all in a bowl. Chicken absorbs the dressing (to follow) better, if warm.)

1/2 cup Mayo (I used the kind with Olive Oil in it. Haven't tried it with yogurt yet, but probably doable)
S&P to taste
1/2 tsp Curry Powder
Juice of one lemon

Mix it all up, and chill for about an hour. 
Customize it to your liking

We have had this twice now for dinner- served once with corn on the cob, and another with macaroni and cheese. Both times- awesome! I love to use this as a dip for pita chips, too, usually for lunch. 

I have to give a shout out to Grant, since he just celebrated a birthday! I have learned more about Bruder trucks than I ever thought possible, and was able to actually pick one out, with a little help from his Mama. Since we're talking gifts, I have to mention Olivia and Grant each got a sweet keepsake from here, and with all of the other babies and kids in my life, I will be shopping for more. The My Bambino company doesn't even know that I exist, it's just a nice idea, and thought I should share. If you're around my age, and reading this, you know what I mean when I say there are lots of special little people to shop for in your life.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Most Hairdressers..

...Have skipped many a lunch, and (if they're like me) have more than made up for it when getting home

...Are the last to get their own roots done, and ends trimmed off

...Have folded more laundry at work, than they will at home

...Have gone home with incredibly achy, but always fashionable, feet

...Have talked about things in a break room that would make most of their clients blush. Surprisingly, not the roller set clients

...Have wanted to strangle a bride. Not you, though. Don't worry.

...Have worked on a Saturday morning, with the same make-up on that they wore the night before, to go out

...Have not done their best work, when told by a client how to do their job. Sorry, guys, but it's so true. Such a vibe killer.

...Have done countless at home hair services in their kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms at their mom and dad's house- just a guess on that last one. Calling all "Kitchen Beauticians"

...Have played with more new products, colors, nail polishes, make-up, etc than any girl (or some guys) could even dream of! A great perk

...Have prayed for some kind of health insurance or benefit to come along

...Have mastered the tease. It's all in the shoulders

...Have met the most creative, smart, and fabulously weird people in this business; and traveled to some really great places and great classes

...Become super attached to clients, especially if they are weekly

...Have dreamed about going for a spa day, completely anonymously

...Know the town gossip

Well, time to go wash out my highlights that I had to put in myself. Did I miss anything? From a client's point of view?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Stepford Ramblings

Happy Friday! It feels a little strange to be starting a post about hair and shoes, when is there is so much going on in Boston. I was going to catch up on my Bravo DVR's while I wrote this, but thought it smart to at least put the news on..

*While I have been feeling pretty good about all of my "bridal styling" there has been one thing that I just cannot decide on. I may decide on the morning of August 31, and that's fine. It's what to do with my hair. I have it narrowed down to 2 options. However, each hairstyle requires a different haircut. Maybe. Unless I can get pretty clever.

Option one is an updo. I mean, you have to have an updo option. Without giving away too much, my dress is sexy. I'm 30,  it's fine. My first inspiration for styling this most-wonderful dress, is Sophia Loren. If I wear my hair up, it will be big, tousled, and maybe even a little messy.

The thing is, I don't like updos. From day to day, I do wear my hair up a lot (well, I did...keep reading for the most exciting thing going on right now.) My hair typically goes into a ponytail, because it frustrates me. Plain and simple. Well, my other option was a "lob" (see here for the original inspiration.) If this were the case, I would wear my hair down, on wedding day, but blown out to perfection! Honestly, I think I would feel more like me.

My mom and I were discussing this the other night, and while I think she's toeing the line of updo, she is so wise, and suggested that I cut it now, at least a little bit, and see how it feels. And by now, like as soon as possible, in case it needed to grow back. That's where we are now. I got that mess cut off yesterday afternoon! I feel like myself. I also feel like Faye Dunaway, circa 1978. (I love a good reference that no one my age gets, in case you haven't noticed.) It still grazes my shoulders. Nothing too crazy happened. I told my friend Katie, that my long hair was bringing me down, and was the reason that I was snacking so much at night. I will justify anything.

I don't have any pictures right now, because it's first thing in the morning, and my photographer is at work. Rude, right? The girls and I are going out for dinner tonight, so hopefully we'll get some good pictures.

So far the "poll" I've been taking, on updo vs. styled lob for the wedding, is pretty split. It will come down to what I feel the best in. My friend, Scott had my favorite idea so far. Both! Up for the ceremony, blown out for the reception. This would require some major logistic planning, but isn't impossible.

Everything else has been pretty easy to decide so far...and then the hair thing came up.

*Totally unrelated, but let's talk boyfriend jeans, and subsequently shoes. About twice a year, for the last 3 years, I set out on a very specific shopping excursion. It's the quest for the perfect boyfriend or skinny jean. I always leave with the same attitude. Discouraged, fat (I know, I know, really...), and like the jean think is pretty much hopeless. Don't get me wrong, in the right pair of jeans, I feel fine. Skinnies have just not been my friend, and finding the perfect boyfriend jean (which I really love the look of) has been impossible. Last week, for a nice night out with my man, I had some fabulous new wedges that I wanted to show off. I just didn't know what to wear with them! I was planning the outfit around the shoes, so it was non-negotiable. I had to get a little creative, and this happened..

I cuffed a pair of jeans. Jeans that never let me down in the fit department. And ya know what? I liked it. I've been doing this a lot since, actually. These are bootcuts, so they get a little bit of a weird flair if I'm not careful, but it works.

These jeans are from Nordstrom Rack, not sure the brand (they're in the other room dryer.) I highly recommend shopping for good denim at Nordstrom Rack. I have had the best luck there.

Shoes are from Gabrielle Bothers, and they were $10.99. I haven't taken them off since I bought them 2 weeks ago. Now that I think about it, they were strays over near the dressing room. I hope I didn't take anyone's shoes...

*Totally not girly-stuff related, but my parent's new dog's name has been changed from Caliber to Chandler.  He loves it, and we love TV in our family, so it was a no-brainer.

My brother said it best: "Could I be any cuter?"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Joined...


For those of you that don't know, Birchbox is a monthly subscription of beauty products- samples, new make-up trends, etc- sent to your house every month (hence the "monthly".)  I have been meaning to do this for years. There are a lot of sign up options, and you can personalize your profile to what you are interested in.

There are also tons of gift ideas, a men's version, and home/garden sections to look through on Birchbox. I don't know about you, but looking at home decor, kitchen gadgets, and the like is my idea of a good time. I could walk around Hobby Lobby or Home Goods for hours. Doesn't mean I'm the most domestic, but it's fun nonetheless.

I digress.. If you'd like an invite to join Birchbox, let me know, along with your email address; you can also fb msg me if we're friends on there, and if we are really close, text me!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everyday Beauty Staples

I was pretty excited this morning, when I woke up and had an idea for this post. I was even more excited, when I got an unexpected break in my day, and my favorite movie happened to be starting. As the guys of Tropic Thunder keep me company, I thought I'd share with you my everyday beauty products.

When I say everyday beauty products, I am talking bare minimum. While I shudder to think about what all I really use from day to day, these few things I'm about to share are my staples. Truth be told, I'm pretty low maintenance during the week. Shhh, don't tell anyone. I use the following every. single. day. And then, depending on the day, I'll add to it.

* I am a WEN girl. Through and through. Anthony's family happens to live about 5 minutes from QVC, and a few months ago, I bit the bullet, and went in to buy some Wen. I had lived there for about a year, and never went! Looking back, that was probably for the better. When we did go in, I had one thing in mind, and that was to try this shampoo cleansing conditioner. I didn't want to order online, because I just wanted ONE bottle to try. Keep in mind that if you order this from amazon, qvc, anywhere...they will do everything to lock you into a renewed delivery. Wen isn't for everyone, at least I don't think so, even with their varieties for different hair types. As for mine- my hair is fine, dry, brittle, and porous. Isn't it ironic? Dontcha think? You wouldn't know, most days, thanks to my wen. From a technical point of view, I get how this works for me. If you have thick or oily hair, you probably don't need to wen. (Maybe I should just do a WEN post. I can't stop rambling.)

* Palmer's Cocoa Butter, in the jar. Has to be in the jar. Since I was old enough to dress myself, I've been moisturizing. From head to toe. I cannot stand to have dry skin. ICK! I've tried everything, and I always come back to this cost effective miracle. I have a routine down, and that even includes applying this to my eye area, and using it as a lip balm every night.

* Pardon my sad looking MAC quad. What I'm trying to show here, is MAC eyeshadow in Nylon. The perfect base shade. I will never use anything else. In fact, I plan on getting a quad of just Nylon sometime soon. Most days I just do a good swipe of this, with some eyeliner, and good lashes and I'm all set. It's very neutral, and can be worn with warm or cool colors, and has just enough shimmer to make eyes look a little more awake, without giving that 9th grade sparkly look.

* Speaking of eyes, I have been using the same eyeliner for 15 years- Loreal Liquid Liner. I'm sure there is another name for it, but that's pretty much all it is. All you need to know is that is in the gold tube. I have tried others, and I have tried colors other than black, and I always go back.

* Mascara. Mascara is huge! Right now I am using Loreal Express Volume in blackest black (always the darkest color available), and I love this mascara, but I'm pretty open to whatever. The "better" brands that I have found, that are a nice treat to myself every once in a while are Chanel, Dior, or Bad Gal Lash by Benefit.

* No mascara would be all that it could be without the right eyelash curler. Ladies, I am telling you, this is the game changer. If you aren't comfortable using an eyelash curler, start practicing until you are. Most are good, but there is one curler to blow them all out of the water. The Shu Uemora bad boy is famous in this industry. Totally worth it, and, I think, pretty easy to use. Mine has been going strong for 2.5 years now.

* Another staple of my eye-makeup routine that I have been using since at least high school, is Neutrogena's under eye concealer. This is something else, where I have tried other brands- "nicer" brands- and they are never the same. At least not for me. I have only ever seen this product sold at Target. Fine with me (yet another) excuse to go to Target, and walk around an absurd amount of time.

This list doesn't include my skin care routine, which is also an everyday thing, because I think that warrants its own post. I also use some kind of blush or bronzer everyday, but it changes, depending on what is sitting closest to me. Seriously.

Would love to know what the rest of you use for your everyday looks!