Friday, March 29, 2013

High 5 for Friday!

Linking up here to share 5 great things from this week.

(Excited to do a link up. Might get a reader or 2 out of it? Let's hope my new follow-button thing works out)

1. Sore Muscles! After realizing that I had worked out about 3 times, in the last 3 months, since we got engaged, I knew it was time to shape it back it up. Spring being in the air (well it should be) and ya know, fitting into a wedding gown soon have given me some much needed motivation.

Great dvd here to tone up. Also planning on getting back into intervals- the only that really works for me. I'm planning to do a post just on exercise, alone.

In case you were wondering what I look like while I work out:

2. Easter/Holiday weekend coming up. This will be the first time that mine and Anthony's parents have gotten together since we got engaged! I am planning a few fun recipes, and even more fun outfits, so look for a weekend recap sometime next week.

3. The obligatory "new blogger' high five! Holy support, and fabulous friends and family out there! It would be great for this little project to gain some (skinny, yet toned) legs in the blogger world. I certainly am loving it, so I think everything else will fall into place, based on that alone.

4. Support for gay rights, and most importantly, gay marriage. This is a topic very near and dear to my heart. By now I'm sure you all have seen the red equality pictures on facebook. It's just a shame that it even has to be a topic at all, but bring on the love and support!!

5. Pastel toes!! I know, go from serious topic, to toe nail color. I took a nice break at work to make this happen. Priorities, people.

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