Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beverly Hills, What a Thrill

I have been having a hard time getting inspired about a new post. (Already? I know, I know.) Maybe it's because I know that I should be doing my taxes. I started one about exercise, and then I started one about Joan Collins, and then I remembered that I just did one about Barbra Streisand. Let's try to space our divas out, shall we?

So I thought about some other things that I know best. Then it was easy. When I was getting ready to start this bad boy, a friend had suggested that I do a Real Housewives recap. What a fabulous idea! Since my favorite girls have just gone off of the air, save for a lost footage thing coming up, I thought I would do a general recap. For the few of you that are still reading, after I said "housewives," I present to you, my thoughts on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (So much for not giving you all diva overload)

Kyle: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Girlfriend was my absolute favorite in Season 1. That finale though, and the fight with Kim in the limo? Just chalked it up to a bad night, and an even worse dress. Then her loyalty, and choice of friends kept taking her down a notch. I think we can all agree that her association with Faye, alone, is cause for some serious eye rolling. I do want to believe that she means well. Kyle does seem like an awesome mom, so we'll give her a pass there. Also, I can't decide which house of her's I love more. The old or new one? Both beautiful!

Yolanda: Yolanda is tough, but I like it. I like the no BS attitude. I also don't mind the constant doting on her husband. I think it's nice, even if he totally irritates me.

Brandi: Another one I like, that is a little polarizing. When I say I like Brandi, I mean that I want to see her succeed and do good things. I also want her to stop saying really stupid things, but still get her refreshing point of view across somehow.

Taylor: Taylor I had always wanted to like, but just couldn't get there 100%. Anyone see her on Watch What Happens Live recently? I have to say, I really liked her. She was honest and funny; and not trying to fit in or start a fight to stay relevant. This might get me some flack too, but I really like how Taylor dresses. Let's hope she can get the other stuff (ie that whole drinking thing) figured out. What a sad situation she had been through.

Kim: Snooze! Ok, I get it. Her journey is touching, and sweet, and sad all at the same time. Still boring. Next. Best of luck, though.

Adrienne: Ugh. Can't even. I'm going to try to keep this blog positive, so I won't say too much. I don't even think she's worth the space to write about. The only other thing I will say about her, is that in Season 2's second-to-last episode, when Taylor was trying to apologize for all of the trouble her lying/abusive marriage had caused (they were at SUR or Villa Blanca; and Kim was with that gross guy. Remember?) I felt that Adrienne was being really mean, and really unfair to her. I was pretty much over her then, and this last season just sealed the deal. BYE.

Lisa: Oh, Lisa. I have saved the best for last. The way she and Ken treat each other; the house; the closet; the fact that they frequent the South of France; the closet; the dogs; the closet..I could go on and on. I just think Lisa is cool. She handles things well, and she can be tough without being mean. Some people will disagree, but isn't that the point of these shows? She is so fancy, and so domestic all at the same time. I smile just thinking about being fancy and domestic someday. She has even gotten me to watch Dancing With The Stars. That says a lot.

I can see how this will come across like I think I know these ladies personally. Duh, I do. Can we also see why I needed a new hobby desperately? Thank you blogging world. 

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  1. I love me some Lisa! And her floral pink swing.