Wednesday, April 10, 2013

California, Here We Come

...Right back where we started from

No, I am not going to California, or watching that OC, but I have decided to write about The Real Housewives of Orange County, RHOBH style. Not sure I'll be recapping every week, but they are fun to write about.

As most of you know, we're back with Season 47594 (actually I think it's 8.) Honestly, last season didn't do it for me. Don't worry, I never missed an episode- Blasphemy!- but I did feel it was pretty negative overall. I could say the same for the last few seasons of RHONJ, but we'll save that for another time. Let's break it down, housewife by housewife.

Tamra: Meow! What a B! I don't even know where to begin. If we're getting deep, I think she's a damaged person, and therefor reacts to a lot of situations in a really, really nasty way, and it all comes from a place of hurt. She should be pitied, if anything. Or she's just not a nice person. Fun? sure. Hot, in a super trashtasic way? yeah, why not. I don't even think she's a bad mother, except her mean-girl stuff is not I would want my daughters to see on tv or anywhere. Bottom line, we are dealing with a total negative-nancy, but in a weird way, I can't imagine the show without her...even if she is fighting with at least one person, for an entire season! It's getting old.

Vicki: Ok, ok I kind of have a soft spot for Vicki. I truly think she is a good person. Even when yelling at a shuttle service about having a "LITTLE FAMILY VAN" pick up her family for a trip. If you know the show, you just read that as her yelling it. Vicki's daughter is cool, and they have a close relationship. It's fun to see Vicki as a Grandma (even if that storyline is a little snoozeworthy.) She has definitely had her moments, and ugly fights with the other ladies, but I think she takes accountability for it most of the time. Also, you just know she is missing something fun and social, as you read this, because she has to work! Doesn't anyone work anymore?!

Heather: She's definitely Stepford-y, but she's got an opinion. I like that. Do I like her? Not all of the time. I really liked Heather at first. She's a good wife and mom, but she's fancy (the perfect combo in my book.) Her banter with her husband kinda reminds me of Anthony and me. Her house is perfection, and so fun to see. Heather also comes off as a girl's girl, and can pretty much hang. Oh wait, then we went to Costa Rica last year. I didn't care for Heather, Gretchen, or Tamra (that was a given) during the whole "friend-tervention" on poor Alexis. FYI, calling it a cute name, doesn't make it nice to tell someone why they suck. Then we had bow-gate. Girl just could not drop the fact that that hot mess Sarah, another one to be pitied- for different reasons, was acting a fool.

This year, I am glad Heather is being fair in the Vicki-Tamra thing, so that makes her a little more likable this season. Time will tell if it sticks.

Gretchen: Cutesy, bitter, Gretchen. Before she got all bitter, and started "Standing up for herself! Yeah, chicks rule!" Gretchen annoyed me. The giggling in her commentary. Couldn't. Still can't. Now she's a mean girl, so there really isn't much redeemable there. One more thing, how long does it take her get ready? I have never seen such perfect, hair, make-up, and clothes. Not to mention that bod! See, I can say some nice things. The girl always looks perfect! (Very Stepford, right there)

Alexis: I realize this blog isn't going in the most positive direction. For instance, my first thought was to write something about how Alexis is as dumb as a box of hair. Well, that wouldn't be nice, or uplifting. The truth is though, I know she is not very well liked (how do I know? I just do, ok,) but she seems to have a good heart, and definitely doesn't deserve the terrible treatment from the other girls. She's pretty much harmless to me, which means she should be left alone. Even her husband isn't too bad this season, granted we've seem him for a total of, like 7 minutes. Alexis' haircut this year? Cute. Cute. Cute.

Slade: Yep, Slade. He's been with us since the beginning. Slade and Vicki, the OG's of the OC. He's pretty gross. I used to secretly root for him, and feel badly for him, then he became really mean-spirited, as opposed to just doofy, and slimy. It will be interesting to see what happens with him and Gretchen, or which housewife he can hook up with next. Well, it will be interesting to me.

If nothing else, I'm leaning towards doing an end-of-the season recap; which won't be for awhile, since these shows seems to go on and on, for the longest time. Thank goodness! 

Happy viewing!

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