Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everyday Beauty Staples

I was pretty excited this morning, when I woke up and had an idea for this post. I was even more excited, when I got an unexpected break in my day, and my favorite movie happened to be starting. As the guys of Tropic Thunder keep me company, I thought I'd share with you my everyday beauty products.

When I say everyday beauty products, I am talking bare minimum. While I shudder to think about what all I really use from day to day, these few things I'm about to share are my staples. Truth be told, I'm pretty low maintenance during the week. Shhh, don't tell anyone. I use the following every. single. day. And then, depending on the day, I'll add to it.

* I am a WEN girl. Through and through. Anthony's family happens to live about 5 minutes from QVC, and a few months ago, I bit the bullet, and went in to buy some Wen. I had lived there for about a year, and never went! Looking back, that was probably for the better. When we did go in, I had one thing in mind, and that was to try this shampoo cleansing conditioner. I didn't want to order online, because I just wanted ONE bottle to try. Keep in mind that if you order this from amazon, qvc, anywhere...they will do everything to lock you into a renewed delivery. Wen isn't for everyone, at least I don't think so, even with their varieties for different hair types. As for mine- my hair is fine, dry, brittle, and porous. Isn't it ironic? Dontcha think? You wouldn't know, most days, thanks to my wen. From a technical point of view, I get how this works for me. If you have thick or oily hair, you probably don't need to wen. (Maybe I should just do a WEN post. I can't stop rambling.)

* Palmer's Cocoa Butter, in the jar. Has to be in the jar. Since I was old enough to dress myself, I've been moisturizing. From head to toe. I cannot stand to have dry skin. ICK! I've tried everything, and I always come back to this cost effective miracle. I have a routine down, and that even includes applying this to my eye area, and using it as a lip balm every night.

* Pardon my sad looking MAC quad. What I'm trying to show here, is MAC eyeshadow in Nylon. The perfect base shade. I will never use anything else. In fact, I plan on getting a quad of just Nylon sometime soon. Most days I just do a good swipe of this, with some eyeliner, and good lashes and I'm all set. It's very neutral, and can be worn with warm or cool colors, and has just enough shimmer to make eyes look a little more awake, without giving that 9th grade sparkly look.

* Speaking of eyes, I have been using the same eyeliner for 15 years- Loreal Liquid Liner. I'm sure there is another name for it, but that's pretty much all it is. All you need to know is that is in the gold tube. I have tried others, and I have tried colors other than black, and I always go back.

* Mascara. Mascara is huge! Right now I am using Loreal Express Volume in blackest black (always the darkest color available), and I love this mascara, but I'm pretty open to whatever. The "better" brands that I have found, that are a nice treat to myself every once in a while are Chanel, Dior, or Bad Gal Lash by Benefit.

* No mascara would be all that it could be without the right eyelash curler. Ladies, I am telling you, this is the game changer. If you aren't comfortable using an eyelash curler, start practicing until you are. Most are good, but there is one curler to blow them all out of the water. The Shu Uemora bad boy is famous in this industry. Totally worth it, and, I think, pretty easy to use. Mine has been going strong for 2.5 years now.

* Another staple of my eye-makeup routine that I have been using since at least high school, is Neutrogena's under eye concealer. This is something else, where I have tried other brands- "nicer" brands- and they are never the same. At least not for me. I have only ever seen this product sold at Target. Fine with me..gives me (yet another) excuse to go to Target, and walk around an absurd amount of time.

This list doesn't include my skin care routine, which is also an everyday thing, because I think that warrants its own post. I also use some kind of blush or bronzer everyday, but it changes, depending on what is sitting closest to me. Seriously.

Would love to know what the rest of you use for your everyday looks!

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  1. I've always wanted to try Wen, but my hair is normal/oily, so I wasn't sure.

    If you ever want to try an amazing mascara, try Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara. This is not a sales pitch, this is a cry for help from someone who is addicted.