Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bridal Fun

First things first, as you can see...New name (same domain) and new look. This is all still a work in progress, and while I need to eventually get a professional look, with tabs and buttons, etc, Blogger offers some good places to start. Although, while browsing their templates and colors, I was getting total My Space deja vu.

Now for the fun stuff! I thought I would share a little more on the wedding and how it applies to our lives, and let the ladies of Bridesmaids help me out. To be clear, I'm not always represented by the bride, Lillian. Before I met Anthony, I was Annie. Total Annie. She's still in there! Be honest, if you're a fan of the movie, how many times have you watched the airplane scene? We're probably at around 50-something at our house.

We'll dive right. in. Yes, I am 30, and no, that is not old at all. Has it been easy being one of the "last ones" to start a life with someone? Not always. Worth it? Absolutely! If there is one thing that I could tell every girl in her early 20's, who might be looking to settle down (because it seems like the right thing to do, or whatever) Do. Not. Settle. While I have been so incredibly happy for all of my girls, my bridesmaids if you will, I probably could have been more enthusiastic at times. Had I only known that someone totally incredible was just around the corner.

Don't get me wrong. Being a single gal in her 20's or 30's (or any age really) can be fabulous! (I'm feeling a Sex and the City post coming up..)
 One day, when I really didn't care, and really wasn't looking- it's true what they say- he came along. The quietest, classiest, most gentlemanly guy. However you describe him, he's perfect for me.

My friends were so happy for me, and so welcoming of the new addition in my life. It's been a good time ever since. I had a super fun date at weddings, and he welcomed all of our weird inside jokes, and respected my close friendships right from the start.

 Then, after many years of Anthony's getting through school and incredibly hardwork, that still continues, we were ready! Engagement time! It was a whirlwind few weeks. Parties here and there, and celebrations to be had
 Then it was time to buckle down and plan. Holy overwhelming. I wanted to come home everyday, and watch old sitcoms, rather than figure this all out.

 Sure enough, it has all come together, and it will be the most wonderful day! I even thought I would start writing about it, along with all of the other adjustments we are getting used to.

We are at the 4.5 month mark to go...Holy Heck!! When did that happen?! We are having the best time, and I can only hope it stays that way. I have been in enough weddings, that hopefully I have learned a few things here and there. I couldn't do any of this without the help of some wonderful girls in my life. None of this would be as special, if I didn't have special people to share it with.

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