Sunday, April 21, 2013

Most Hairdressers..

...Have skipped many a lunch, and (if they're like me) have more than made up for it when getting home

...Are the last to get their own roots done, and ends trimmed off

...Have folded more laundry at work, than they will at home

...Have gone home with incredibly achy, but always fashionable, feet

...Have talked about things in a break room that would make most of their clients blush. Surprisingly, not the roller set clients

...Have wanted to strangle a bride. Not you, though. Don't worry.

...Have worked on a Saturday morning, with the same make-up on that they wore the night before, to go out

...Have not done their best work, when told by a client how to do their job. Sorry, guys, but it's so true. Such a vibe killer.

...Have done countless at home hair services in their kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms at their mom and dad's house- just a guess on that last one. Calling all "Kitchen Beauticians"

...Have played with more new products, colors, nail polishes, make-up, etc than any girl (or some guys) could even dream of! A great perk

...Have prayed for some kind of health insurance or benefit to come along

...Have mastered the tease. It's all in the shoulders

...Have met the most creative, smart, and fabulously weird people in this business; and traveled to some really great places and great classes

...Become super attached to clients, especially if they are weekly

...Have dreamed about going for a spa day, completely anonymously

...Know the town gossip

Well, time to go wash out my highlights that I had to put in myself. Did I miss anything? From a client's point of view?

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