Monday, April 1, 2013

This & That in the blogging world

Disclaimer: Only after I post, do I realize that I missed a lot in terms of editing. I just get SO excited to get my thoughts out there.

Disclaimer 2: I think that whenever you make a disclaimer, you are just drawing attention to a fault of your own, that otherwise wouldn't have been noticed by others. Hmmm...

Moving on..

Although this has been a bit overwhelming (I am not the tech savvy type), blogging has been fairly easy on me. There has been one thing that has been frustrating, and discouraging I might add, and that's the "follow" situation. How do I enable this stupid button that supposedly exists/get my bloglovin thing activated?? This is pretty much rhetorical, as I know I will eventually figure it out, but it's making me a little antsy in the mean time. Patient, I am not.

Moving on for real...

I had a quite a few ideas for this post. I wasn't feeling the Easter recipe wrap up, because well, I didn't quite make enough of a variety. I assure you though, what I did make, was super yummy, and will make an appearance at some point. Easter fashion wrap up? Nope, didn't take pictures. My favorite beauty products? Talk about overwhelming! Some wedding stuff? Sure, why not..

Well, this is easy. Some wedding info for new readers:
Our little website, that Anthony put together (I'd like to brag here for a second. He does A LOT to help, around the house, for the name it).

If you are reading this, because I posted it on FB, I apologize for the wedding overload. I can't promise it will get any better for at least 5 months :-)

I have decided that my "something blue" will be my shoes. Fun, right? For the time of year, and other colors we have going on, I have a light blue in mind. Probably go with something like this..

I mean, that color!
Any other brides out there? Links here or here

Have you ever been on I think its Zappo's discount site.. Either way, it's a no brainer.

The New will, of course, be my dress, that I am so completely in love with, that its ridiculous. It is my dress! Enough said. The Old will be something sentimental, and most likely an old piece of jewelry (or 2) from our beloved grandmother's, that neither of us got to meet. The Borrowed, I haven't asked about yet, so we'll leave it that. I already covered the fun stuff, anyway.

Any other brides out there? I never thought I was the "fussy" or sentimental type, and then we got engaged. I love to hear about other people's wedding plans; and I may get weepy over really cheesy songs (think From This Moment by Shania Twain). Yeah, that happened. I would love to hear about anything else "bridal" out there, that I might be missing!

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  1. I never really got into that much of a bridal mood when I was planning my wedding. I'm not sure why looking back...I think I was just super focused on getting married. Now I want my little sisters to start getting married so that I can scour Pinterest and dream up big plans and help them with the organizing and stuff!