Monday, May 13, 2013

Gurl, where you been?

Ok, so I have been totally MIA. We know this. It's happening. We're dealing with it. 

There are a ton of big things coming up, and I've been working, packing, shopping.. You name it. I've also been getting our teeny little place ready, to make some room for our new things we'll be bringing home next weekend (shower weekend!) 

A fun thing about this blog, that I have been thinking all along, is that I think it would be really great for our kids, and their kids, etc to see one day. I'm under the impression that you can get your posts printed into a book. So, with that said, something that I would like to post in the near future is a glimpse into our place (with pictures- I really need to get better with the pictures.) 

Just a few other things going on lately.. 

*We had a great Mother's Day. Just hung out at my Mom and Dad's, watched movies, and had a nice dinner. My Mom and I would have gone for a nice, long walk but it was freezing here! 

*I'm finally feeling that mind-body connection, again. It's not anything that I can really explain, but it's basically a confidence in getting my workout on, and feeling good while doing it; and even looking forward to it. I always lose it in the winter time. I'm a natural hibernator. Truly. Give me a bed, a snack, and a tv, and I'm good for days. It's disgusting. I have been doing a lot of different classes, and am back at my favorite gym! Makes a difference for me. My surroundings are important to me when I workout. I feel a separate post coming on.. 

*Currently, I am reading Everything is Perfect When You're a Liar, by Kelly Oxford. Google her. She's kind a twitterlebrity, is the best way I know to describe her. Also, she's hilarious, and crass- which I love. 
(I apologize for not adding a link to the book. I am posting this from my phone. I'm sure that I could figure it out..but, well, I don't want to.)

*I'm also thinking I need to do a Bravo post, and go through some of the shows. For example, I was really hoping to recap Married to Medicine; or Marriage: The First Year since they are seemingly close to my life. Well, they are the opposite of my life (which is awesome! seriously!); and catch up with the Orange County chicks... 

This was just a quick hi, a what I'm thinking about doing, and a see ya'll soon! 

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