Friday, May 3, 2013

High 5 ~ Wedding Edition

I really was feeling a link up for today, and seeing as how it's Friday, had to be a High 5! Linking up here..

I decided to do a wedding inspired High Five. I mean, why not. Oh, and you can probably expect a few wedding inspired High Five posts..

While these High Fives aren't necessarily from this week, they are a big part of our lives at the moment.

1. I am no closer to knowing how I will wear my hair for the big day! In fact, a girl was walking passed work today, and was rocking the best bangs/bun thing, and it totally inspired me. If we're going up..this is where I am now:

Yes, that is Kim Zolciak from the RHOA reunion. I don't care how ridiculous. It was her real hair, after all, so it's not that tacky, right? Don't answer that. 

I guess we'll give the cute random girl on Allegheny Street the High 5. Go guuurl!

A few weeks ago, I was leaning towards down; this week it's up. Next week, maybe it will be half up/half down! I'm breathing into a (bedazzled) paper bag now.

2. In just 2 weeks (and 1 day,) I will celebrate my FIRST bridal shower! Huge! I'm having two, since Anthony and I are from separate hometowns. This one will be in his hometown of West Chester, PA, and I am so excited! My mother-in-law to be, Pam- who has been amazing in helping us, has a fantastic group of friends that are throwing it, along with my sister-in-law to be, Krissy. That girl deserves her own about helpful, and just all around fabulous! Let me tell you, these women can do no wrong. I have seen what they can create. It will be an incredible and meaningful day.

Anthony will be rocking out at the MMRBQ, while I am there. It's a tradition for him, and he really shouldn't miss it. I went with him one year. Loved the music; being in a mosh pit with a bunch of dirties stepping all over me? yeah, never again. Just try to picture it. I was sporting new bangs and a sensible strapless top. Um, one of these things is not like the other.

3. Now, I need to preface what I am about to say. While it has been wonderful having everyone share how happy they are for us, I feel so silly having registered, and expecting people to buy us stuff. It embarrasses me. I would just rather have their love and support behind us. I know, holy cheese, Luce. My fiance on the other hand, checks our registries every 10 minutes to see if anyone has gotten anything. That all being said, we have already gotten a few things delivered to us, and what a cool feeling! Have I totally contradicted myself? What else is new.Can't wait to start entertaining like grown-ups!

4. I need to High 5 the fact that we're kind of in that relaxing lull that everyone told us about. All of the big stuff is set, and while there is still a ton to do (seriously..does it ever end?) I feel like we can just sit back, and figure it out in the next few weeks. This alone makes me a little nuts. Knowing that I have things that I could be doing, but am putting them off? Where is that paper bag again? Who am I? Might as well "try" to relax while I can. Cut to me staying up until 2am tonight to make some lame guestbook or something..

5. At the end of this month, we go for our food tasting, and "meeting" with our wedding coordinator provided by the Nittany Lion Inn. While I am so excited about the food, along with our parents, and Anthony, I'm sure who is more excited than anyone about the food, I cannot wait to pick this poor guy's brain about itinerary, logistics, and the like. Stepford be crazy.

6. Bonus HIGH FIVE! Whoa, where did that come from?! While I was writing that last one, I thought of one more thing to share. My fiance has said to me, from the beginning, that the most important things to him about the wedding are the food, and the music. I mentioned to him picking our introduction song, and surprising me that day. I didn't really care what it would be, and knew he would pick something fun. About a week after I mentioned it, he started laughing and said he had a great song in mind. Knowing him, it took me about 2 seconds to figure it out. So much for the surprise. Our first introduction as Mr. and Mrs. Froncillo will be to none other than Welcome to the Jungle by Guns 'n' Roses. I love it because it is so Anthony. Rock On!

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