Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Smells Like 30-Something Spirit

I need to make a little note here, first. Anyone remember the Toms wedges that the Easter Bunny brought me? They were a tad too big, and that's why I claimed to have been living in my Gabe's wedges- because my beloved Toms had to be exchanged. By the way, what happens to the African kids, when you return a pair of Toms?? Just a thought.. Anyway, I got the right size in my Toms, and they are fabulous! When I "dress up" they are a great, comfy go-to. They're not a bad casual shoe either. Moral of the story: they're comfortable and I have found dozens of dressy and casual ways to wear them! I'll save the Gabe's wedges for date night (hopefully this weekend!)

Good to have that off of my chest! More importantly though, we need to all give some recognition to a fabulous girl, Rebecca over at Mommy in Heels. I've known Becky for the longest time, and she has always been such a fashionista. It's nice to see someone local living out their dreams, and doing it in such an awesome way! She is an inspiration in many ways. Please read through her blog for great, and accessible fashion ideas, and to check out some amazing opportunities that she has been given recently- all for her love of fashion! 

This got me thinking that maybe I need to make my posts more specific, or just focus more on wedding planning. That's a little hard to do, since we have everything pretty much set. Go us! I was all set to write up a post on how emotional it is to shop for the right dress, and maybe on how I've become obsessed with Say Yes To The Dress..but then I got home, and there was a Kiehls package at my door! Thus a new idea was born.

In my quest to look like a Stepford Wife, but never ever act like one, I started going a little nuts ordering beauty products (make-up, face cream, you name it.) What's up, tax refund. About a month ago, I went on the search for a new perfume. I thought if nothing else, I wanted something new for the wedding. Usually, I wear Lolita Lempicka aka "the purple apple one" but just needed something new. Funny, that's usually my justification for going to Target- "I just need something new" or "I just need to walk around for 3 hours somewhere." This was a tricky one, because I'm afraid that I inherited my mother's terrible allergies and sensitivity to anything "strong" scented. What is a glamazon to do? I knew I could handle something musky. To me, there is nothing better than the smell of men's cologne. I went to Macy's and smelled everything, and left with the worst itchy nose of my life. I was annoyed, too. Discouraged, disheartened, and overly dramatic. Not even my Captain & Ginger Ale at Applebee's could erase the mess that was going on all over my wrists. By some way of magic, two days later, Bethenny Frankel tweeted that Lance Bass had recommended a scent for her. First of all, I love that I just said Bethenny Frankel and Lance Bass tweeted through magic. I digress. Long story short, Bethenny was also looking for the perfect musky scent, and Lance had the answer for her. Come to think of it, maybe she was looking for the perfect mens/womens scent- something else that would mean it would work for me. The BethennyLance scent would be Kiehl's Musk. I mean, duh. It's called Musk. I had heard of it, but never gave it a second thought..until that fateful day. Cut to a week and half later, and my Musk was at my door. I ordered the 1.7 oz version of the spray, and the Musk scented body lotion. So far, I'm loving it! It has a Chanel 5 quality. And, my nose feels fine. Bonus. What's nice about Kiehl's, is they are all about the samples. It's like ordering from Sephora, but not as overwhelming.

The samples that I choose are the Eye Alert, and Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream with SPF (I've been wearing wrinkle cream since I was 7. And by 7, I mean 22-ish.) I also was gifted with a 1 oz bottle of their Creme de Corps: The Original Nourishing Cream

Are we seeing a trend, that I online shop a lot? There are 2 reasons for this..1 is that there is literally jack around here, as far as places to shop. 2 is that crowds and people in my way bug me. Pretty simple explanation.

This is also a good time to share what came in my Birchbox
I'm going to keep it super simple here: A perfume (ironic); a facial wash- haven't tried it, but it's by LAFACE, and that is a great brand; A lipstick that is more like a lipstain- in the reddest color I have ever worn/seen in my life; And a skin serum by Nexxus. Say wha?? Nexxus makes skincare products?! Rather nice ones, I might add.

Bee-tee-dubs, most of the Kiehl's samples that I ordered, can be bought through Birchbox, in the bigger size, therefor gaining me shopping points! Same with a lot of other brands on the site. Something to think about, all my fellow product junkies.

Just to keep this wedding inspired, I have most likely found my day-of scent. Otherwise, my mother always wore Shalimar, and I had mentioned to her, just wearing that. She told me that she had gotten rid of it- she had crossed into being allergic to her signature scent. I can really make nothing, sound dramatic, no?

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