Friday, May 24, 2013

The Almost Newlyweds..

At our shower, we did a really fun game, that was similar to The Newlywed Game. I'm sure you all have played it, or seen it done at wedding showers, or maybe seen the show that has been on for like, 35 years. Being that we are the only two people to be desperately in love, and planning a wedding, ever, in the whole world, I feel like I need to explain the game to you. It's pretty self explanatory. 

Just a few notes: 
Rather than answer the questions how I would, aka correctly, I answered as I thought Anthony would.

Also, Krissy had filmed Anthony answering these, and while the videos were too quiet to enjoy at the game (she had written his answers down anyway) we watched them later, and they were really funny and cute. 

On to (most of) the questions: 

1. Where was Anthony born?

L's answer: Pittsburgh...oh wait, he said Shitsburgh
A's answer: Shitsburgh

2. What was your first date together?

Both said Jethro's 

3. How many kids do you want to have?

L: He said 2, but I want at least 3
A: I say 2, but Luci will say 3 or more

4. First kiss/First I Love Yous?

Both: Camp, August 2009 for first kiss; first I love yous- Anthony said it, NYE 2010

5. What is the theme of your wedding?

L: Great Gatsby-ish, but he didn't say that
A: Umm..Pink and gold?

6. What do you think is Luci's best physical feature?

Ok..I made a dingdong out of myself here...
L: Hmmm..not sure I can this..but my boobs
A: Her entire face 
(how much nicer is his answer, compared to my white trash response) 

7. One word to describe Luci:

L: He always tells me that I'm sweet
A: Fun and funny 
(another great answer)

8. One word to describe Anthony:

L: Loud
A: Smart

9. What is Anthony's biggest pet peeve about Luci? 

L: Always in a hurry; and break everything
A: Sits on the couch and watches too much tv (!!!!) 
(I'm still feigning shock and anger of this one)

10. Luci's favorite thing that Anthony cooks for her?

Both: Fried chicken

11. Anthony's favorite thing that Luci makes for him?

Both: Chocolate chip cookies

12. Who is better at cleaning?

L: He said himself, even though that's not true
A: Me! 
(I don't think men realize the nooks and crannies of a home, that need to be cleaned. Just sayin)

13. What is Luci's favorite outfit?

L:  Easy. Pajamas.
A: Her floral, silk pajamas
(I wouldn't say they are my fave, but they are comfortable, and gross and Anthony hates them. My favorites are the plaid flannel from my mom, or the leopard from Krissy. I just live for good PJ's!) 

So there is another glimpse into the shower, and into our goofy relationship. In other wedding news, we had our food tasting today, and everything was beyond good! Our coordinator is awesome, and it was just a great, and reassuring experience. 

My dress is in!! Haven't gone to try it on, but I'm hoping it looks like this: 

We are now in the double digits: 98 days to go! We have been having such a fun time planning this wedding, that it has gone by way too fast. Trust me, there are many things that we haven't agreed on, but I'd say for every "disagreement" there have been at least twice as many laughs.

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