Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap ~ WC Shower Weekend

"If this is just the beginning, my life is gonna be beautiful" - On my way home from West Chester, just outside of Philadelphia, I decided to add a Michael Buble station to my Pandora, and heard the song Ain't That A Kick In The Head by Dean Martin. My Dad and I always loved this song, and this lyric really stood out to me, as this was an exceptional weekend. This is how I am feeling these days. Not too shabby.

Saturday, the 18th, really kicked off our wedding festivities. My first bridal shower was thrown, and it was incredible. There was so much thought and love put into it. Once I get my pictures in order, I will do a post on the shower, alone. I decided to make it a long weekend- and it ended up being filled with lots of eating, sleeping, family time, shopping, and primping. I mean, really, does it get any better?

Wednesday afternoon, I was on my way! My Aunt Ro lives very close to where Anthony's parents live. A little tidbit: my Dad grew up really close to where my fiance did. Somehow, my mom and I got them both to Altoona. I digress.. I met my Aunt for dinner, and the place she picked was on my way into the area, which worked out great. She always chooses the most amazing places- from the food to the ambiance. We like fancy in the Nardone family. This time was no different. We went to a place called Vicker's Tavern, in Exton. My parents had their rehearsal dinner here, 30-some years ago. Really fitting for the weekend. One thing that I really love about a lot of places in Eastern PA, is the history. The buildings in the area appear to be intact, for the most part, and a lot of them have some kind of war background. I really don't know what that means. I just know that this place was old and beautiful. Our food was amazing, and the company and laughter even better. Aunt Ro's friend, Phyllis joined us, and I think we could have sat all night and caught up.

Then it was off to Pam & Frank's (my in-laws to be) and get some beauty sleep.

Thursday, I slept in. A lot. I was really hoping that by the time I hit 30, my need (or really just love) to sleep in would subside, and maturity would take over. Hasn't taken yet. Pam and I got up and went to a great brunch at a place called The Classic Diner, that has become a regular spot when we're there. Speaking of being mature, I ordered chicken fingers. I have to add that the food in the Philly area is incredible. There is nothing like it, and this is what we miss the most living in Altoona. We do however, have our choice of most chain restaurants. Awesome. After brunch, I went home to get scrubbed up, and de-moistured, so that I could go get spray tanned. Nothing too interesting there, except that the cute, young girl at the desk seemed disgusted by how fair my skin was. I didn't have the heart to tell her, that all of the tanning she is doing now, is going to make her beautiful, young face shrivel up and die.

The rest of Thursday was pretty awesome. I went to the salon where I worked when I lived in the area, La Difference. I got my hair done (Hi and Lo Mohawk to be exact) and visited with friends. I didn't want to leave. That place always felt like home to me, still does. There is always something special about a place where you flourished and grew in so many ways. My old boss, Christy, wouldn't be making it to the shower, so I headed to her house afterwards, and we caught up over pizza. It was perfect, and great to see her family as well.

Later that night, I headed over to my sister-in-law to be, Krissy's, place. I mean, I went to see my brother-in-law to be, Matthew too, but he wasn't as interested in our girl talk, and champs drinking. I kept her from working on secret shower things. Sorry, Krissy :-)  Ps..She had on the season finale of Scandal, which I've never watched (always meant to start) and it looked super good, and scandalous (sorry, I had to.)

On friday morning, the beautifying continued. Pam and I headed out for manis and pedis. I found my new favorite color for on my fingernails. It's Steady As She Rose, by OPI. I say new, but it's from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Gulp. Better start doing some Ebay and Amazon shopping. I can't say enough about how much I love this color. As for toes, I almost always get I Vant To Be A-Lone Star by OPI. No matter my intention for something else, I always end up with the same toes. Just m' thang. I was doing closed-toe for the shower, so didn't feel the need to match, not that I ever do match my nails to my toes..

After our nail appt, you guessed it... more good food. We went to a place called Catherine's. This place was beyond charming, and had a great historic feel to it. Not that I know the specifics. I do know, that I had the best burger I think that I've ever had, and 87 glasses of iced tea.

Friday afternoon was reserved for meeting my Mom and Dad, who were on their way into town from Cape May. We met at the King of Prussia mall, and spent most of our time at Nordstrom. It was a really successful shopping trip, and really fun to get that time with my Mom. And...drum roll please...I got my wedding shoes!! They are gorgeous, and they are also going to be a surprise. I even had a dream about them later that night.

We all went back to the house to regroup - which means drink, snack, and change, then met my Aunt, my brother, sister-in-law, and niece for dinner. They were staying at Aunt Ro's. One thing that I always worry about, are logistics...for anything. I mean, I would worry about how and when to get to work if I could. So naturally, I was nervous that we all wouldn't get to see each other enough, etc. I was so wrong. It all could not have worked out better. It was a great night to catch up, and it was really casual. We went to a local pizza place. My niece, will also be our flower girl. She turned 2 in January, and if it's possible, she get's sweeter, and even more beautiful everytime I see her.

Saturday was of course, shower day! It was a beautiful party, thrown by Pam's friends, and Krissy. The little touches were very heartfelt, and I was blubbering mess when I got there. One thing that was really special to me about it, was enjoying it with my Mom. Much, much more to come!

A little preview.. This picture isn't the best, but it captures the moment. And isn't a weird angle. Bryn and I were enjoying the cake, here. Yes, more eating.

By this time, the groom had gotten into town, and was off rocking away at a concert. While we were all being fancy and girly, he was in a mosh pit listening to Alice and Chains & Soundgarden. Not only did Anthony travel to Jersey, he also time-traveled to 1993. Our Dad's had gone to a Philly's game. Who didn't have fun on shower weekend?!

Saturday night was casual, and really fun, thank god because I could not wait to get my dress off. We all hung out at Pam and Frank's. Dana and I also got a lot of shower things done, for my Hollidaysburg shower. Then on Sunday, the Nardone's met for breakfast in Wayne, a great little town, and close to where my Dad and Aunt grew up. Then time to head back home.

Now, it is back to reality, along with lots of working out, thank you notes to write, and beautiful things to put away.

This week ahead should be just as crazy, and almost as fun. Anthony and decided to sneak away overnight just the two of us on Wednesday, and then we have our food tasting on Friday!

I cannot believe that our first wedding party/event has come and gone. It still feels like a blur. I need to figure out how to process, so that I remember my wedding when the time comes. Seriously. I cannot stress again how incredible the shower was, and am really anxious to get it all written down. The Almost Newlywed Game was pretty ridiculous. I'm still trying to decide how much of it will be appropriate to blog about.

That's just a smidgen of how meaningful this weekend was to me. I mean, how lucky are we?

Hopefully, party details will be up by the end of the week!

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