Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Perspective, Priorities, & Prayers

For those of you that don't know, my father (who is the greatest!), had a stroke last week. He will be fine, and is already making a fast, and impressive recovery. 

So needless to say, blogging has not been a huge priority. Neither has wedding shiz, and that part of it has been nice. As nice as any of this can be. I was positively beside myself over place cards before last friday morning. Seriously, why? Place. Cards. Who. Cares. 

I do this blog, mostly because I want to print it out, and show my children someday. So, I'm going to share a few notes. This hasn't been something I'd want to forget, not that I could anyway. Good or bad, it's significant. 

This is being written from my phone, so I'm breaking it down the easy way. Ya know- bullet points instead of clear, concise paragraphs. My way. 

*On Friday morning, like 6am early, my fiancĂ© woke me up, and basically in a tizzy (a ClusterF, if you will) told me to get dressed because I was riding into the hospital with him, to meet my mom and dad- who was there for a variety of reasons that we weren't sure of the specifics yet. It was horrible. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. I'm not even sure how I remembered to put a bra on. Or if I did remember at all. 

*Walking into meet him, to the freaking ICU, was surprisingly a relief. He was joking around and his color looked good. My Dad continued to joke all weekend, and be as ornery as ever.

If there was ever any doubt that he and I are alike, it was confirmed this weekend. We have shared lots of weird jokes and talk of recipes, culture, and things that most people would find either boring or odd. I also couldn't get over how much our feet look alike. Maybe that's one of those things that you notice when you are delirious and have been sitting in the same chair for 4 hours.  

*My Dad and I have spent a lot of invaluable time together. We've all made sure he's been comfortable and as entertained as can be. I washed his hair, and cleaned up his achy feet for him today. It was fun. We made our own little spa out of room 1157 at the Altoona Hospital. I've also made sure that he's gotten magazines, and his favorite treats, which he always shares with yours truly. 

*We are now at the rehab hospital. As in, just got here, as I'm typing away while everyone else deals with formalities. This place is pretty sweet! It's no Ritz, but it will do. I was lucky enough to ride over in the med-van. Thank goodness I did, because I would have gone to a now closed hospital in Altoona, that I thought was totally the new rehabilitation unit. Clueless. 

So, now we just wait and pray, and spend lots of time with everyone's favorite guy. We're also basking in the fact that we are out of that hospital room.  Snooze/gross/germs. 

It seems like we are out of the woods, and can breath a little easier. Amazing how the little things become so unimportant. Unfortunately, it usually takes something big and scary to remind us. 

Hug your loved ones extra hard after you read this! 

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