Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's new..in real life, and on TV

Wow. What a crazy few days. I don't even know what day of the week it is. Not that I usually do, but it's gotten worse. Life has been one big whirlwind. Mostly good things though..

The biggest thing is that Dad is home!!! He is doing great, and his therapists and Doctor were so impressed with his progress, that he got to come home 3-4 days earlier than expected. This all happened yesterday (Monday), which means we made it a memorable Father's Day, at the rehab hospital (which has been a wonderful place. I say that in the present-tense, because he will still be going in for therapy.) We took him in more treats, and I one-upped myself with the customized spa, and gave my favorite father, a father's day haircut. It was outside, and we were definitely a hit with the other visitors. 

Bryn was also in town to visit her Poppy, who according to her, had a boo-boo on his head, and settle upon some flower girl things. Her Mom (known to me as Dana, also my Matron of Honor) and I got a ton of shower stuff in, and it was nice to visit with everyone- Bro-B included. :-) 

Now that my Dad is home, we need to make sure that he keeps getting stronger, and get back into our routines. Throw a stomach bug in this weekend, and I was ready for everything to get back to normal. We're getting there. 

With everything being a little extra busy lately, my one constant relaxing thing is TV. This is no surprise, and I wear the title of TV-addict proudly. With that in mind, I'd like to do a little check in with the Bravo girls, with a little E! thrown in:

Might as well start with the OC bitches. (I'm tired, so the cynicism comes naturally; but I do kind of call them that with love):

Alright, first of all, please no male strippers at my bachelorette party. I'm not going to recap what has been happening, because if you're still reading this, chances are that you watch the show. Ok, so back to Tamra's bach party. The stripper thing was like a bad orgy (is there a good kind?) It had gone from cute girl-bonding giggly time, to date-rape creepy in like 2 seconds. The same thing happened to me at a gay club a few months ago (as in a guy just started dancing on me. literally, on me), and it was pretty unwelcome. I'm sort of skipping ahead, because of course the whole ditch-the-other-girls-to-go-dancing had already happened. It was lame, and it was rude, but those things happen. What fascinated me the most was how everyone handled the situation. Heather being one of the ditched, I thought handled it pretty well. I am kind of loving her lately, but I will get to that shortly. She got her point across without yelling/crying, and then dropped it- for the most part. Gretchen, on the other hand (the other girl left behind)... Ugh. She makes me. so. mad. I pretty much don't like anything about her. Bitch was even wearing the pajamas that I have been wanting for months, but can't justify buying, when she crept out of the shadows to confront everyone, after they'd returned from Andele's. I can't stand a needy girl, and she is it. 

As for my take on the girls lately- 
Tamra- She's kind of growing back on me. I'm glad she's been nicer. That's kind of it. Oh, and I can't wait to see the wedding (on her own show, most likely) 

Vicky- Um, the eyelashes coming off during her commentary. Can't. She's still a mess, but I like her more than Gretchen, a lot more..so that's something. While Briana's story is "touching" it's totally boring! I watch these shows to see rich people. Not this sentimental shit.

Alexis- Zzzzzzzz

Heather- Like I said, kind of loving her. I just wish she wasn't so fancy all of the time- mostly in the way that she speaks. Also, I'm not a pearl and cardigan kind of gal, but she wears it well.

Lydia- Starting to kind of like Lydia. Her quirks are still annoying, but I'm sure I annoy people with the way that I talk and my mannerisms. In fact, I know that I have to. But she owned Slade at the salsa party, and that was brilliant.

Lauri- Ugh. Not welcome back with her stupid and mean gossip, and bad plastic surgery. 

I'll just touch a little on the New Jersey girls (because this bad boy is getting looooong, and I have onion rings to eat soon): 
I am still bored and confused, but I love Melissa. I think she is smokin' hot, and I wish my skin tanned even half of what her's looks like. That's creepy, but I think it every time that I look at her. Gia's 12th or 11th or 47th (whatever) birthday, was held at what appeared to be a nightclub/laser tag center, and it was absurd. And what was the cake supposed to be?? Anyone else see it? Looked a lil' inappropriate, if you know what I'm saying. This all comes together..kind of..I prom-promise. It was at this party, that Melissa was confronted about timing of visiting her sick FIL, and the gym, and other things that no one else would really care about, or at least mention. I could see both sides, but just like the RHOC/leaving the girls behind incident, it's all in how you handle it. Teresa may have had a point (maybe not) but she blew it, in her delivery. Btw, you know when you see Kim "D" (as she is referred to when she appears on screen) pop up, "trouble" is "just" around the "corner." 

One more thing on RHONJ...for some reason, it grosses me out to see it being filmed in the winter. New Jersey in the winter. I mean, why don't they just shoot around Altoona in January. It is not a pretty site, and it makes me claustrophobic when I watch it. That might also be the little guestroom that I am usually sent to, to watch my shows.

I'm going to close out this meaningless TV rambling with an open note (a note because it is much smaller than your average letter) to E! So really it's to Ryan Seacrest: 

Dear E! Entertainment Television/Ryan Seacrest, 
As a lover of all things dumb, yet glam, I am a huge lover of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It is so mindless, but so entertaining. I watch it to see the houses, the clothes...you get the idea. Which is why, when there is a storyline involving Bruce Jenner, I am sadly forced to change the channel. No one wants to see a middle-aged man buying guns, flying toy helicopters, or being told by his wife that he isn't allowed to eat in his own bedroom. He may be an Olympic Athlete, but he makes me sleepy. 

Also, I don't know who your demographic is, but I for one, don't care to watch shows about boy banders. It might be my age, but boy bands aren't what they used to be; therefore why do I need to watch them touring (like The Wanted) or masquerading as a newlywed to his adorable beard bride (The Jonas guy..)

Readers, please tell me I am not alone, and more importantly, not crazy for just spending an hour writing this nonsense..

Ok, off to address invitations (ya know, something useful.) Our invitations are GORGEOUS by the way! Just what we wanted :-) And don't worry, I am sure that I will find something good to watch while I get to work.

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