Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dear Bryn

Dear Bryn,

We had the honor of having you stay with us 2 weeks ago, and it was SO much fun having you here! You make everything an absolute joy, and are just such a blast. I'm ready to let you just move in with us, so that I never have to miss you. Your Uncle Anthony would just have to learn very quickly that toddlers make messes. :-)  (You'll have to get used to it someday, babe..)

Being that it is the middle of July, 2013, that makes you two and half. You are about to embark on a huge event, and that is being a flower girl for the first time. I can't think of a better time for you to be a part of a wedding, since you are so into dresses, being fancy, and all things beautiful and special- just like you. I feel so honored to have you be such a big part of our day. You will add so much to it, just by being you.

Two is a great age! You get funnier, and funnier, everytime I see you; and you always have new things to say that both amaze me, and make me laugh.

A few cute things lately, that I don't want any of us to forget:

*You call me Aunt Suli, and I hope it sticks. It's very cute. Your Aunt Suli made sure that you took very luxurious, and glamorous bubble baths during your visit. Think tons of bubbles, and time to splash and play for as long as you wanted. You quickly grew fond of this, which means your dad was quickly cursing me :-)

*We think you call Anthony, "Andy" or just "huh" which I've interpreted as "hunk" naturally

*Speaking of, you and Uncle Hunk/Andy/Whatever played golf in our yard, and you are a natural. I'm sure your Mammie will be buying you clubs in no time

*You have been on a Cinderella kick, AKA Salella. You also like Toy Story, as far as movies. Toy Story is known as Buzz

*Your Mommy made sure that you were a huge help to her, in planning my shower, and you girls make quite a team! You loved helping with the cupcakes. "I make cake"

*When you don't get your way, you do the cutest walk. It's kind of a slumped shoulders/stomping away

*One afternoon while you were here, since your Mom and Dad had been working so hard to plan the party, they fell asleep on the couch. You were sitting quietly coloring, and when you looked up and saw your Mom sleeping, you walked up to her and said "Awwww, Mama. Awwww" and stroked her arm. You then got distracted by pulling your shirt up and making your belly roll in and out

*Your expression, when your Mom tried on her bridesmaids dress, was precious and priceless. Your eyes were just aglow, and you were amazed 

*You told me on the phone last week, that you had fun at the gym, then told me that you were dancing. You had been spinning/dancing at the nursery at the gym. Your parents think it's from all of the Cinderella 

*We asked you to say your full name, and you said "Bin Ah Da Done" ..close enough

I am sure I am forgetting a TON of stuff, since there is always something new and wonderful about you. Words cannot explain how much joy you have brought to all of us. Your Mom and Dad are just the best parents, and even though I knew they would be, it's so fun to see.

You are welcome to come play in my make-up anytime!

All my love, always
Aunt Suli

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